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Outka-Perkins, Lisa . 2008. Working Along the United States-Mexico Border. 0823 2D11. Missoula, MT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, National Technology and Development Program.

The Missoula Technology and Development Center developed a personal safety training program to help land management employees heighten their awareness of the dangers they may face and to help them maintain their personal safety as they work along the United States-Mexico border. The border area encompasses the land 100 miles north of the border from San Diego, CA, all the way to Brownsville, TX. Federal and State agencies manage and protect many of these areas.

As part of the program, this DVD captures the knowledge and skills of employees who have years of experience working near the border. The DVD has three-modules. Modules one and two are designed for anyone who works near the border. Module three is specifically for firefighters.

Keywords: harassment, public, remote work locations, safety at work, threats, training, trust, violence, work places, workplaces