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Wolf, Jerry . 2006. T&D Snippets—Building Mountain Bike Trails: Sustainable Singletrack. 0623 2S32. Missoula, MT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, National Technology and Development Program.

Building Mountain Bike Trails: Sustainable Singletrack

By Mary Ann Davies and Lisa Outka-Perkins

A 40-minute DVD, Building Mountain Bike Trails: Sustainable Singletrack, shows how to design, build, and maintain great trails for all to enjoy. The DVD was produced by MTDC with the Federal Highway Administration's Recreational Trails Program. The DVD is a companion to the International Mountain Bicycling Association's book, Trail Solutions: IMBA's Guide To Building Sweet Singletrack.

Copies of this DVD have been sent to all Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management offices.

You can order a copy of the DVD from the FHWA's Recreation Trails Program Web site at:

The tech tip, Building Mountain Bike Trails: Sustainable Singletrack (0623–2341–MTDC), provides more information about the DVD.