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Therrell, Lisa ; Cole, David ; Claassen, Victor ; Ryan, Chris ; Davies, Mary Ann. 2006. Wilderness and Backcountry Site Restoration Guide. 0623 2815. Missoula, MT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, National Technology and Development Program. 394 p.

This comprehensive guide focuses on restoration of small-scale impact caused by human actions in wilderness and backcountry areas. The guide's goals are to:

  • Help practitioners develop plans that thoroughly address the question of whether site restoration is the best management action and, if so, develop a site-specific restoration plan that incorporates ecological concepts and addresses patterns of human use.
  • Provide the latest information on site-specific restoration techniques, including site preparation, soil amendments, planting, mulching, and so forth.
  • Explore the various methods of plant propagation both on and off a restoration site.
  • Provide approaches for project monitoring and documentation.
Techniques discussed in the guide do not rely on motorized tools or mechanized transport, although those options may be mentioned. Examples are drawn primarily from the Western United States. Many of the techniques could be used in other settings. The laws regulating wilderness management and the philosophy guiding it are considered when discussing whether restoration activities are appropriate in areas designated as wilderness.


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Keywords: bioengineering, cultural methods, disturbed land, disturbed soils, erodible soils, erosion, genetic diversity, genetics, handtools, monitoring, mulch, native plants, nurseries, philosophy, planning, planting, propagation, propagation materials, regulations, research, rooting, seed collection, seeds, soil amendments, soil physical properties, soils, tools, transplants, Western United States, wilderness management

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