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Davies, Mary Ann. 2004. What's Burning in Your Campfire? Garbage In, Toxics Out. 0423 2327. Missoula, MT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, National Technology and Development Program. 8 p.

Describes the results of an informal study during which samples of smoke and ash were collected from two camp-fires that just burned wood and 27 camp-fires that burned specific items of garbage in addition to the wood. Some of the items of garbage included plastic bags, disposable batteries, a fishing rod, a colored cardboard box, and the foil packaging used for freeze-dried foods. Even campfires that just burn wood release a significant amount of air pollutants, but when garbage is added to a campfire, the levels of many harmful air pollutants increase. The ash from a campfire that just burns wood primarily contains materials that are not toxic. When garbage is added to the campfire, increased levels of toxic materials are left in the ash.



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