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Sharkey, Brian . 2002. Wildland Firefighter Health & Safety Report: No. 6. 0251 2837. Missoula, MT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Missoula Technology and Development Center. 12 p.

This issue focuses on energy and nutrition and their influence on health and performance. The report summarizes studies indicating that:

  • Carbohydrate supplements, taken hourly during long shifts of firefighting or 24-kilometer hikes, help maintain blood glucose levels and increase the work accomplished.
  • A 12-percent carbohydrate beverage helped subjects stay mentally vigilant during a 19.3-kilometer road march and two 4.8-kilometer runs, interspersed with rest and other activities.
  • A carbohydrate and protein supplement restored muscle glycogen more effectively than carbohydrates alone after exercise.
  • Soldiers who received only 2 hours of sleep a day and only 1,600 kilocalories of nutrients while undergoing 4,500 kilocalories of exertion a day for 4 days were able to perform physically at near-normal levels, even though they lost 3.1 percent of body mass during the period.

Keywords: carbohydrate, fire fighting, firefighting, hydration, nutrition, protein, rest, safety at work, wfhsr, working hours


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