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Sustainable Operations

Green Team Toolkit

How to Start a Green Team

Tools to get you started and motivated to take action. Every group is motivated differently and determines a path to creating a successful green team in their own way. These tools represent some of the ways Green Teams are successful.

Organizing a Green Team

Generating Ideas


These handouts can be used to generate ideas to kick start your green team!

Web Links

Web resources to help idea generation

Tracking Improvements and Taking Action

Example Charters

A Message from the Anna Jones-Crabtree

Sustainable Operations Coordinator,
Rocky Mountain and Northern Regions

"Every individual employee has the opportunity and responsibility to participate in sustainable operations. Green teams can harness the enthusisam of individual employees into actions that aren't doable by someone alone. There are incredible pragamatic things for new green teams to implement that make a difference right away. In fact the opportunities can be overwhelming at first but I suggest you look at all your options and then pick the ones that are doable and can help you garner momentum...... Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can. And by all means take time to celebrate your successes!" -- Anna Jones-Crabtree

This is a power point presentation that Anna gives that introduces the link of Climate Change and our Environmental Footprint. This presentation is inspirational and shares good facts about our agency and what each and every employee can do reduce our environmental footprint.

Executive Order Fact Sheet and Energy Act 2007

Sample Letter to Use for Your Leadership Team

Last Modified: 03/02/2014