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U.S. Forest Service Tribal Relations

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Tribal Relations
Tribal Relations

Regional Tribal Relations Program Management

The Tribal Relations Program covers all of the Forest Service Deputy Areas, all across the country. This is reflected in the organizational structure of the nine Forest Service Regions. The Regional Tribal Relations Program Managers are located in different staff areas (some in the National Forest System and some in State and Private Forestry) and at different levels (some reporting to the Regional Foresters’ Office and some to Staff Officers). This brings a useful diversity of experience and perspective to the Program as a whole. The Regional Tribal Relations Program Managers comprise, along with the National Headquarters Office of Tribal Relations (OTR), the core of the Tribal Relations Program. These managers are often involved with OTR in affecting national level policies, programs, and projects. An extended team of Tribal Relations employees includes personnel at National Forests (at Supervisors’ Offices and at Ranger Districts) as well as Research Stations and Forest Service laboratories. Tribal Relations personnel facilitate work on research projects, forest and project planning, wildlife management, watershed restoration, cultural resource management, Tribal access and use, subsistence, biomass utilization, renewable energy, and many more topics and issues.

Regional Tribal Relations Program Websites

Visit a Region's Tribal Relations Program web pages by clicking on a region on the following map or you may use the text links below the map.

A map of the Unites States displaying the USDA Forest Service Regions. Select a Region on this map to go to the Region's Tribal Relations web pages. Alternative text links are below this map. Eastern Region. Southwestern Region. Rocky Mountain Region. Intermountain Region. Northern Region Pacific Southwest Region. Pacific Northwest Region. Southern Region - Puerto Rico. Alaska Region. Pacific Southwest Region - Hawaii. Southern Region.

Regional Tribal Relations Program Text Links

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