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About Us

Our Vision..."Sustainable Natural Resources and Communities."

Our Mission..."Connecting people to resources, ideas, and one another so they can care for forests and sustain their communities."

The Cooperative Forestry Staff, of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Forest Service, works with States, private landowners, and other partners to promote healthy forests and livable communities throughout the United States. Our programs and partnerships help private landowners and rural communities care for their forests, strengthen local economies, and maintain a high quality of life.

There are nearly 500 million acres of non-Federal forest land in the United States, comprising about 20 percent of the Nation, and two-thirds of the Nation's forests. Over 50 percent of the Nation's forests are privately owned. Management practices on these lands impact the social, economic, and natural environment for everyone.

In partnership with State forestry agencies, Cooperative Forestry currently manages a number of programs:

The Forest Stewardship Program (FSP) helps private landowners manage forests to enhance and maintain productivity, health, biodiversity, soil and water resources, recreation, and aesthetics. FSP helps landowners develop sustainable management plans.

The Forest Legacy Program (FLP) protects private forest lands from being converted to nonforest uses. FLP helps landowners establish conservation easements on their land.

The Community Forest Program (CFP) provides financial assistance grants to local governments, Indian tribes, and qualified nonprofit organizations (including land trusts) to establish community forests that provide defined benefits.

The Urban and Community Forestry Program (UCF) is a cooperative program of the US Forest Service that focuses on the stewardship of urban natural resources. With 80 percent of the nation's population in urban areas, there are strong environmental, social, and economic cases to be made for the conservation of green spaces to guide growth and revitalize city centers and older suburbs.  UCF responds to the needs of urban areas by maintaining, restoring, and improving urban forest ecosystems on more than 70 million acres. Through these efforts the program encourages and promotes the creation of healthier, more livable urban environments across the nation.

Our staff are also exploring national opportunities to advance markets and payments for Ecosystem Services and Woody Biomass Utilization.  With help from our partners and others, we are encouraging broader thinking and collaboration that stimulates market-based conservation and stewardship.  One of our goals is to improve the use of woody biomass in tandem with forest management activities on public and private lands.

We are a partnership-driven organization. Federal funding is provided to States, local governments, and non-profit organizations to leverage additional resources and fuel innovative ideas. We work closely with other units within the Forest Service, and other federal agencies to enhance and maintain forests across watersheds and ecosystems, both on private and public land.



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