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Forest Service Schedule of Proposed Actions
- Pennsylvania

Please use the map or drop-down lists to view the schedule for a particular National Forest, Grassland, Scenic Area, Recreation Area, or Tall Grass Prairie.

You may navigate directly to any other State, Forest, Grassland, Scenic Area, Recreation Area, or Tallgrass Prairie SOPA page using the following drop-down lists or the text-only navigation page:
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National Forests in Pennsylvania Allegheny

Click on a forest-level unit on the map above, or select from the following units in Pennsylvania:
 [graphic] List Bullet Allegheny National Forest    [graphic] List Bullet Argonne EF  
 [graphic] List Bullet Baltimore Ecosystem Study    [graphic] List Bullet Bartlett EF  
 [graphic] List Bullet Big Falls EF    [graphic] List Bullet Coulee EF  
 [graphic] List Bullet Cutfoot Sioux EF    [graphic] List Bullet Dukes (Upper Peninsula) EF  
 [graphic] List Bullet Fernow EF    [graphic] List Bullet Harshaw Forestry Res. Farm  
 [graphic] List Bullet Howland Research Forest    [graphic] List Bullet Hubbard Brook EF  
 [graphic] List Bullet Kane EF    [graphic] List Bullet Kaskaskia EF  
 [graphic] List Bullet Kawishiwi EF    [graphic] List Bullet Lower Peninsula EF  
 [graphic] List Bullet Marcell EF    [graphic] List Bullet Paoli EF  
 [graphic] List Bullet Penobscot EF    [graphic] List Bullet Pike Bay EF  
 [graphic] List Bullet Silas Little EF (Lebanon)    [graphic] List Bullet Sinkin EF  
 [graphic] List Bullet Udell EF    [graphic] List Bullet Vinton Furnace EF  

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