Science Stories

Proposed smoke management framework allows larger prescribed fires with fewer health risks

Paul Meznarich , 

Before a single drip torch is lit or blade of grass ignited, fire management staff must consult with state or local air quality control officials to negotiate a fine balance between using fire as a restorative tool on the landscape with concerns about smoke and its impacts on public health.

The Promise of Biochar for Forests, Grasslands, and Farms

Diane Banegas , 

Forest Service soil scientist Jim Archuleta first learned of biochar’s promise a few years ago when one of his colleagues mentioned it while they carpooled to and from work.

Why Big Blazes are Burning up Budgets and Landscapes

Diane Banegas , 

In 1995, the U.S. Forest Service spent 16 percent of its total budget on fighting fires. Today, it’s 52 percent and growing. What’s changed?