Greater Sage-Grouse

sage grouse Two US Forest Service Records of Decision and associated land management plan amendments are the culmination of an unprecedented planning effort in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management to conserve greater sage-grouse and its habitat on National Forest System lands and Bureau of Land Management-administered lands.

The Records of Decision approve the desired conditions, standards, and guidelines in the land management plan amendments that address what can and can’t occur on National Forest System lands in the Great Basin and Rocky Mountain regions in greater sage-grouse habitat. The amendments seek to reduce the disturbances occurring in greater sage-grouse habitat and for the disturbances that do occur, limit the duration, timing, and location of activities to best protect the greater sage-grouse during all of its life stages.

The Forest Service is committed to continuing to work at the local level to find ways to implement the direction and guidance in the land management plan amendments. Implementation will not occur instantaneously, and to be successful, implementation must proceed in a thoughtful way that is collaborative and transparent with federal, state, and local partners.


Greater Sage-Grouse Overview (PDF | 4 MB)

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A photo of a Greater Sage-Grouse

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