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McCall Smokejumper Base Contacts

Questions or comments please email or call one of the following:

Joe Brinkley, McCall Smokejumper Base Manager, 208-634-0383

Matt Galyardt, Operations Foreman, 208-634-0379

Jeff Schricker, Training Foreman, 208-634-0380

Todd Haynes, Assistant Training Foreman, 208-634-0381

Jarrod Sayer, Loadmaster/Paracargo Foreman, 208-634-0360

Keith Suemnick, Assistant Loadmaster/Paracargo Foreman, 208-634-0360

Todd Franzen, Loft Foreman, 208-634-0375

Dan Booth, Assistant Loft Foreman, 208-634-4374

Mcall Smokejumper Base Front Office, 208-634-0390


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