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McCall Smokejumpers

mccall smokejumpers plane

McCall Smokejumpers plane
A rainbow after a summer storm in Richfield, Utah.

The McCall Smokejumper Base is home to 70 highly skilled, experienced wildland firefighters committed to providing high quality professional fire management services for the protection of natural resources throughout the United States.

McCall smokejumper on final approach under the Ram-Air parachute.

Since 1943 the program has strived to provide rapid deployment of firefighting personnel and equipment whenever and wherever it is requested. The McCall Smokejumpers provide a very diverse skillset that can be utilized in the management and suppression of wildfires, prescribed fire planning and implementation, and a vast array of land management techniques.

The McCall Smokejumper Base is located in McCall, Idaho on the shores of Payette Lake in the West Central portion of the state. The base is directly adjacent to six National Forests: the Boise, Nez Perce/Clearwater, Payette, Sawtooth, Salmon-Challis, and Wallowa-Whitman. This area presents many opportunities for the deployment of Smokejumper aircraft, personnel and equipment. The ability to move resources around the United States has given the McCall Smokejumpers a very large area in which they can be utilized. It is not uncommon to have personnel from McCall spread out all over the U.S. each fire season.

2019 Job Opportunities

See inside the McCall Smokejumper Base

Fire from the air

The view from a Twin Otter over a fire in Central Idaho.

McCall Smokejumper

Smokejumper exits a Twin Otter over Central Utah, 2016.


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