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Engine Crews

The U.S. Forest Service has one of the largest, most diverse, best equipped, and highly trained wildfire management organizations in the world and is well prepared to respond to wildfires.  The agency has approximately 900 engines available for wildland fire response.  

Engine crews range in size from two to ten firefighters. They work with specialized wildland fire engines that carry special equipment to spray water and foam. Engine crews also perform a variety of other wildland fire tasks:

  • Respond to reports of new wildfires and serve as initial attack forces.
  • Serve as holding forces on prescribed fires and wildfires to keep the fire from crossing the established perimeter.
  • Use hand tools, water, and foam to put out fires and keep vegetation and structures from burning.
  • Patrol forests and grasslands to look for signs of wildfires.
  • Promote fire prevention with campers and other national forest visitors.
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