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A volunteer Contact Ranger talking to forest visitors playing in the Rio GuadalupeEducating the public is a valuable asset to the Respect the River and Respect the Rio programs. Without public support and understanding, many restorations projects are not as successful as they could be. Below are some of the educational materials developed over the years. Please use them to promote Respect the River or Respect the Rio on your forest or public lands. Remember, all materials are property of the US Forest Service and can not be used for profit.

Interpretive Signs, Posters and Graphics

Numerous signs and posters have been developed for the program. These may be edited with Adobe Illustrator to suit individual needs.

Newspaper and Radio Advertisements

Examples of previously used newspaper and radio public service announcements

Restaurant Table Tents and Coloring Sheets

Materials that may be used in restaurants, stores, or schools covering topics ranging from ideal fish habitat to off-highway vehicle use

Camping Etiquette Brochures

Brochures designed to educate forest visitors on how to be river-friendly campers. A Spanish version will be out soon.

Anti-Mud Bogging Video and Brochure

A video and brochure that may be used to educate forest visitors on the effects of mudding

Contact Rangers

The Contact Ranger program is a great educational tool. For more information about the Contact Ranger program, please see the Monitoring web page.

If you have questions about any of the materials or would like a CD containing all materials available, please contact a Forest Respect the River/Rio representative.

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Last modified: April 12, 2012

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