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Strategic Program Areas

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Invasive Species

Focuses on reducing, minimizing, or eliminating the introduction, establishment, spread, and effects of invasive species.

Inventory and Monitoring

Determines the current status and trends of forests, identifying threats and management options and their respective effects on the nation’s forest and grassland species.

Outdoor Recreation

Investigates what outdoor environments, activities, and experiences connect people with the natural world and how to manage them.

Resource Management and Use

Explores resources and products from forests and ranges, encompassing agroforestry, forest products, landscape science, management and operations, and urban research.

Water, Air, and Soil

Supports the provisioning of clean air and safe drinking water, protection of lives and property from wildfire and smoke, and adaptation to climate variability and change through research.

Wildland Fire and Fuels

Focuses on reducing the negative effects and enhancing the beneficial effects of fire.

Wildlife and Fish

Investigates the complex interactions among species, ecosystem dynamics and processes, land use and management, and emerging threats.