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The Missoula Fire Lab Wildfire Emission Inventory

Date: April 15, 2019

The Missoula Fire Lab Emission Inventory (MFLEI) is a retrospective, daily wildfire emission inventory for the contiguous United States with a spatial resolution of 250 meters.

To address the need of air regulators and land managers for improved wildfire pollutant emission estimates, we developed the Missoula Fire Lab Emission Inventory (MFLEI), a retrospective, daily wildfire emission inventory for the US. MFLEI was produced using multiple datasets of fire activity and burned area, a wildland fuels map and an updated emission factor database. Daily burned area was based on a combination of Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity data, MODIS satellite burned area and active fire detection products, incident fire perimeters, and a spatial wildfire occurrence database. The fuel type classification map is a merger of a forest type map with a rangeland vegetation map created by the Missoula Forestry Sciences Laboratory. Forest fuel loading was from a fuel classification developed from a large set (>27 000 sites) of surface fuel measurements from the Forest Inventory Analysis program. Rangeland fuel loading was quantified using the Rangeland Vegetation Simulator in combination with MODIS satellite data. MFLEI provides estimates of daily wildfire burned area, fuel consumption, and pollutant emissions at a 250 m × 250 m resolution for 2003–2015. A spatially aggregated version (10 km ×10 km) provides uncertainty estimates at a spatial scale pertinent to air quality modeling.

Featured Publications

Urbanski, Shawn P. ; Reeves, Matt C. ; Corley, Rachel E. ; Silverstein, Robin P. ; Hao, Wei Min M. , 2018
Mallia, D. V. ; Lin, J. C. ; Urbanski, Shawn P. ; Ehleringer, J. ; Nehrkorn, T. , 2015

Research Topics: 
Climate Change; Climatology; Fire
National Strategic Program Areas: 
Wildland Fire and Fuels
RMRS Science Program Areas: 
Fire, Fuel and Smoke
RMRS Strategic Priorities: 
Fire Sciences
Principal Investigators: 
Forest Service Partners: 
Matt Reeves (Co-Investigator)
Wei Min Hao (Co-Investigator)
External Partners: 
Rachel Corley (University of Montana)
Robin Silverstein (University of Montana)