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Fire, Fuel and Smoke


List of employees under this science program area.

Namesort descending Title Phone Location
Ager, Alan Research Forester 541-278-3740 Oregon
Amato, Samuel Fire Application Specialist 505-362-0281 Colorado
Bailey, Andrew Data Manager 208-387-5248
Baker, Stephen P. Chemist 406-329-4860 Montana
Bertram, Penny Program Assistant 406-329-4866 Montana
Bradshaw, Larry S. Meteorologist 406-329-4979 Montana
Brown, Sara Program Specialist 208-407-6530 Montana
Burgard, Mitchell R. Fire Management Specialist Montana
Butler, Bret W. Mechanical Engineer 406-329-4801 Montana
Cansler, C. Alina Research Forester 406-329-4867 Montana
Coffey-Avey, Crystal E Program Support Assistant 406-829-7387 Montana
Cohn, Gregory M. Forestry Technician (Res) 406-829-6978 Montana
Crawford, Jo Customer Service Representative 406-329-4820 Montana
Davis, Brett Ecologist 406-829-7379 Montana
Dillon, Gregory K. Spatial Fire Analyst 406-829-6783 Montana
Dzomba, Thomas Deputy Program Manager 406-829-6977 Montana
Finney, Mark A. Research Forester 406-329-4832 Montana
Flanary, Sarah Biological Science Technician 406-829-6922 Montana
Forthofer, Jason M. Mechanical Engineer 406-329-4874 Montana
Frame, Shelley Program Support Assistant 406-829-6921 Montana
Freeborn, Patrick
Fronden, Jay Biological Aid 406-329-4846 Montana
Fryer, Janet L. Technical Information Specialist 406-329-4809 Montana
Gorris, Andrew Biological Science Technician 406-829-7338 Montana
Grenfell, Isaac C. Mathematical Statistician 406-329-4748 Montana
Grumstrup, Torben
Hao, Wei Min M. Team Leader 406-329-4838 Montana
Hardy, Colin C. Supervisory Biologist 406-329-4978 Montana
Heinsch, Faith Ann Physical Scientist 406-829-7342 Montana
Heyerdahl, Emily K. Research Forester 406-829-6939 Montana
Hoagland, Serra J. Liaison Officer (Biologist) 406-275-4067 Montana
Hollingsworth, LaWen T. Fire Behavior Specialist 406-829-7370 Montana
Hood, Sharon M. Research Ecologist 406-329-4818 Montana
Hovorka, Marlena A. Fire Technology Transfer Specialist 505-238-6269 New Mexico
Innes, Robin J. Technological Information Specialist 406-829-6895 Montana
Iverson, Karen Administrative Management Specialist 406-829-6920 Montana
Jimenez, Daniel M. Mechanical Engineer 406-329-4724 Montana
Jolly, William M. Research Ecologist 406-329-4848 Montana
Kappel, Shari Administrative Specialist 406-829-6957 Montana
Karau, Eva C. Biological Scientist 406-829-6950 Montana
Keane II, Robert E. Supervisory Research Ecologist 406-329-4846 Montana
Kovalev, Vladimir Research Physical Scientist 406-329-4862 Montana
Leirfallom, Signe Forestry Technician - Research 406-829-7341 Montana
Lincoln, Emily N. Chemist 406-829-6963 Montana
Loehman, Rachel A. Research Ecologist 406-829-7386 Montana
Long Jr, Donald G. Ecologist 406-329-4706 Montana
Lutes, Duncan C. Fire Ecologist 406-329-4761 Montana
McAllister, Sara S. Research Mechanical Engineer 406-329-4800 Montana
McHugh, Charles W. Fire Spatial Analyst 406-329-4800 Montana
Nikolov, Nedialko T. Physical Scientist 970-980-3303 Colorado