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RMRS Publishing Services

About Us

Publishing Services is a one-stop-shop for planning and consultation for publishing manuscripts and other Station / Science Program information. They help RMRS employees with editing, creation of figures and tables, original artwork, layout and design ideas, symposium instructions, advertising, posting publications online, and multimedia products (brochures, pamphlets, web designs, meeting presentations, and posters).

Publishing Service Staff

Name Title
Patricia Cohn Station Editor
Connie Lemos Visual Information Specialist
Suzy Stephens Visual Information Specialist
vacant Visual Information Specialist
Loa Collins Editorial Assistant
Evan Chase Publications Clerk

 Online Access to RMRS Publications

  • Series Publications - Peer-reviewed serial publications from RMRS, INT, and RM (see Series Definitions for more information). For other research station publications and distribution centers, please download this list.


  • Legacy Publications from the former Intermountain Research Station (INT) and Rocky Mountain Range and Forest Experiment Station (RM).


RM: RM-GTR  |  RM-RB  |  RM-RN  |  RM-RP  |  RM-TT

Forest Resources: Reports written by the Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) program

Pre-1963 Publications: INT, RM, and NRM publications written before 1963

Recently Published

20 Newest RMRS Titles  |  New Series Publications  |  New Journal Articles

RMRS New Publications

Published four times a year, the New Publications list highlights the latest publications from RMRS scientists.

Videos and DVDs

Watch RMRS research at work.

Publication Announcement Mailing List

To join the RMRS Publications announcement list on NEWSBOX, send an email to LISTSERV@NEWSBOX.USDA.GOV with the command (copy/paste it in the email title and text): SUBSCRIBE RMRS_PUBLICATIONS or email us at and we will add to you the list.



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  • Search for publications on the RMRS website



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