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Research Scientists

Research scientists contributing to this topic.

Namesort descending Title Phone Location
Anderson, Nathaniel (Nate) Research Forester 406-329-2122 Montana
Cushman, Samuel A. Research Ecologist 928-556-2177 Arizona
Dwire, Kathleen A. Research Ecologist 970-498-1016 Colorado
Ganey, Joseph L. Research Wildlife Biologist 928-556-2156 Arizona
Goeking, Sara A. Biological Scientist 801-625-5193 Utah
Keane II, Robert E. Supervisory Research Ecologist 406-329-4846 Montana
Klopfenstein, Ned B. Research Plant Pathologist 208-883-2310 Idaho
Massman Jr, William J. Meteorologist 970-498-1296 Colorado
McKean, James (Jim) A. Research Geomorphologist 406-730-2025 Idaho
McKelvey, Kevin S. Research Ecologist 406-542-4163 Montana
Moisen, Gretchen Research Forester 801-625-5384 Utah
Ott, Jeffrey E. Research Geneticist 208-373-4353 Idaho
Patterson, Paul L. Statistician 970-498-2618 Colorado
Sanderlin, Jamie S. Research Wildlife Biologist (Quantitative Vertebrate Ecologist) 928-556-2182 Arizona
Schwartz, Michael K. Director, National Genomics Center for Wildlife and Fish Conservation 406-542-4161 Montana
Shaw, John D. Biological Scientist Utah
Squires, John R. Research Wildlife Biologist 406-542-4164 Montana
Young, Michael K. Research Fisheries Biologist 406-542-3254 Montana