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RMRATE is a computer program for analyzing rating judgments. The program should be useful to practitioners needing to summarize or analyze rating data, and to researchers interested in comparing and evaluating alternative scaling methods.
The method of paired comparison was introduced nearly 150 years ago and is perhaps the most straightforward way of presenting items for comparative judgment. PAIRCOMP administers the paired comparison experiment that presents the pairs of items on the monitor in a unique random order to control for order effects.
As a companion to A Primer on Nonmarket Valuation edited by P.A. Champ, K.J. Boyle, and T.C. Brown (Kluwer Academic Publishers) we developed this website to provide datasets corresponding to each of the nonmarket valuation techniques described in the Primer. We've also included the surveys used to collect the data, the codebooks (explanation of how the data are coded), and links to the publications based on the data. This website should aid readers who are curious about the format of nonmarket valuation surveys and the resulting data.