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#MeToo for the wildfire community

Posted date: October 04, 2018
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Authors: Steelman, Toddi; Riley, Karin
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Magazines or Trade Publications
Source: Wildfire. 27.3: 4-5.


It is hard to miss the #MeToo movement these days. The international movement against sexual harassment and assault is everywhere in conventional and social media as well as water cooler and dinner table conversation. Important in its own right, #MeToo also has been a touchstone for broader conversations about inclusivity, diversity, equity, power dynamics and the challenges of who gets to represent whom in our culture.


Steelman, Toddi; Riley, Karin. 2018. #MeToo for the wildfire community. Wildfire. 27.3: 4-5.
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Fire; Environment and People
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Wildland Fire and Fuels