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Historical Perspectives and a New U.S. Forest Service Strategy for Fish and Aquatic Stewardship

Posted date: February 22, 2019
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Authors: Shively, Dan; Rothlisberger, John D.; Gillespie, Nathaniel; Dombeck, Mike; Moore, Virgil; Roghair, Craig; Demario, Devin; McCormick, Frank H.; Weldon, Leslie
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Magazines or Trade Publications
Source: Fisheries. 43(9): 386-395.


The U.S. Forest Service has a long, rich history of helping to steward the nation's fish and aquatic resources and contributing to the broader fish and aquatic conservation and scientific community in the United States and worldwide. The agency recently updated its national strategy for fish and aquatic resource stewardship. The new strategy builds on 30 years of lessons learned through implementing the agency's original Rise to the Future: National Fish and Aquatic Strategy, the first national freshwater fisheries strategy by a federal agency. It also addresses 21st century challenges, establishing a stronger foundation for integrated aquatic resource stewardship throughout the agency and renewing an emphasis on cooperation with local, state, federal, and tribal governments and partnering with nongovernmental organizations, private landowners and water users, private businesses, the sportfishing industry, and others. The new strategy outlines six goals that provide a robust framework to guide future efforts: (1) conserve fish and aquatic resources; (2) connect people to the outdoors through fishing, boating, and other aquatic activities; (3) strengthen partnerships and work across boundaries; (4) deliver and apply scientific research; (5) build capacity through mentoring and training; and (6) communicate the value of fish and aquatic resources.


Shively, Dan; Rothlisberger, John D.; Gillespie, Nathaniel; Dombeck, Mike; Moore, Virgil; Roghair, Craig; Demario, Devin; McCormick, Frank; Weldon, Leslie. 2018. Historical perspectives and a new U.S. Forest Service strategy for fish and aquatic stewardship. Fisheries. 43(9): 386-395.