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Application of wildfire simulation models for risk analysis

Posted date: October 03, 2012
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Authors: Ager, Alan A.; Finney, Mark A.
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Scientific Journal (JRNL)
Source: Geophysical Research Abstracts. 11: EGU2009-5489


Wildfire simulation models are being widely used by fire and fuels specialists in the U.S. to support tactical and strategic decisions related to the mitigation of wildfire risk. Much of this application has resulted from the development of a minimum travel time (MTT) fire spread algorithm (M. Finney) that makes it computationally feasible to simulate thousands of fires and generate burn probability and intensity maps over large areas (10,000 to 2,000,000 ha). The MTT algorithm is parallelized for multi-threaded processing and is imbedded in a number of research and applied fire modeling applications.


Ager, Alan A.; Finney, Mark A. 2009. Application of wildfire simulation models for risk analysis. Geophysical Research Abstracts. 11: EGU2009-5489.
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Wildland Fire and Fuels
wildfire; wildfire risk