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Modeling, assessment, and planning to support fire management decisions

August, 2015

Strategic Wildfire Risk Planning Progress Spring 2019
Strategic Wildfire Risk Planning Progress Spring 2019
The size and complexity of wildfire management challenges continues to grow. Rapid expansion of Wildland Urban Interface is interacting with ecological changes, spurred by altered fire regimes and changing climate. Part of the solution to dealing with this increase in fire complexity is to reduce uncertainties inherent within active fire management, where time-sensitive decisions often rely upon incomplete information. Through a combination of pre-season and real-time simulation modeling, situational assessment, and risk-planning, The Wildfire Risk Management Science team is working with land managers at local and regional scales to improve the information available to decision-makers prior to and during wildfires.

Below are links to a series of current and ongoing projects that address the range of spatial and temporal scales of supporting landscape and fire management decision making.

Facilitating pre-season planning to identify control opportunities and high priority areas

Real-time identification of wildfire responder hazards and operational engagement opportunities

Evaluating spatiotemporal tradeoffs under alternative fuel management and suppression policies: measuring returns on investment

Strategic wildfire risk: aligning wildfire response actions with land and resource planning


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Project Contact: 

Joe H. Scott - Pyrologix LLC

Julie Gilbertson-Day - Pyrologix LLC
Christopher J. Dunn - Oregon State University

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