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Priority Research Area

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Bioenergy and Biobased Products

Research focused on alternative energy sources, new products, and new markets that contribute to United States energy security, environmental quality, and economic opportunity.

Climate Change

Adaptation research to improve the resiliency of forests, rangelands, and aquatic areas and to mitigate the adverse impacts of climate change on trees, forests, and forest ecosystems.

Forest Disturbances

Research related to natural and anthropogenic disturbances - exploring why disturbances occur, characterizing their spatial and temporal distribution, and elucidating disturbance outcomes and consequences.

Forest Inventory and Analysis

Determines the current status and trends of forests, identifying threats and management options and their respective effects on the nation’s forest and grassland species.

Localized Needs

Research based on the localized needs of stakeholders.


Leading cutting-edge innovations in the development of wood products.

Urban Natural Resources Stewardship

Research for the management, protection, and care of urban natural resources to improve peoples' lives.

Watershed Management and Restoration

Watershed-scale research to identify how future climate will affect rain and snow fall, understand where water shortages will occur, and find ways to reduce water pollution and protect water sources.