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Nedialko T. Nikolov

Physical Scientist

2150 Centre Ave.
Fort Collins, CO 80526
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Research Interests

Mesoscale interactions between planetary boundary layer and land-surface ecosystem processes. Improving mesoscale weather forecasts through realistic simulation of ecosystem-atmosphere energy exchange. Process modeling of the biophysical exchange of energy and trace gases (i.e. CO 2 , H 2 O, and O 3 ) between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere. Vegetation Remote Sensing - Retrieval of vegetation biophysical parameters (e.g. leaf area index, surface temperature etc.) from multispectral data. Prediction of regional ecosystem productivity and ozone uptake by combining satellite-derived LAI maps with ecosystem simulation models. Modeling ecosystem response to changes in climate and ambient CO 2 concentration.


  • Higher Institute of Forestry, Bulgaria, B.S., Forestry, 1985
  • Higher Institute of Forestry, Bulgaria, M.S., Forestry, 1986
  • Colorado State University, Ph.D., Forest Ecology, 1997
  • Featured Publications


    Graham, Russell T.; Finney, Mark A.; McHugh, Chuck; ; Calkin, Dave E.; Stratton, Rick; Bradshaw, Larry S.; Nikolov, Nedialko T., 2012. Fourmile Canyon Fire Findings

    RMRS Science Program Areas: 
    Fire, Fuel and Smoke