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Gretchen Moisen

Gretchen Moisen

Research Forester

507 25th Street
Ogden, UT 84401-2450
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Current Research

1. Developing modeling methodologies for the 2011 NLCD tree canopy cover product. 2. Studying US forest disturbance history from landsat. 3. Integrating landsat-based disturbance information into inventory and monitoring estimation procedures. 4. Developing methods to assign cause of disturbance to landsat-based disturbance products. 5. Improving methods for broad scale species distribution modeling. 6. Studying the ffects of projected climate change on distribution patterns of Western North America conifers.

Research Interests

I am interested in four broad areas of research: 1) developing methods for sampling and integrating inventory data with remotely sensed information to improve the quality and efficiency of inventory analysis and reporting products; 2) developing mapping tools and spatial depictions of diverse vegetation conditions; 3) quantifying disturbance effects on various resources; and 4) supporting land management planning and monitoring needs by developing tools to broaden the scope of strategic vegetation inventory applications.

Past Research

Working to improve the quality, efficiency, and breadth of nationwide inventory and monitoring products expands foundational information for a broad spectrum of scientific and managerial applications.

Why This Research is Important

1. Nationwide forest biomass map. 2. Comparing nonlinear and nonparametric modeling techniques for predictive mapping of forest attributes. 3. Improving modeling and validation methodologies for species distribution models.


  • University of New Hampshire, B.S., Forestry, 1982
  • Utah State University, M.S., Statistics, 1990
  • Utah State University, Ph.D., Statistics, 2000
  • Featured Publications


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    The “lasso” is a statistical estimator the captures only the best, of many, remotely sensed variables to use in a model. This is one of seven statistical estimators covered in the new tutorial and R package.
    Having precise estimates of our forest characteristics is important if we want to assess the status of our forests, detect change, or monitor trends. New statistical estimators enable us to improve precision by merging forest inventory data with data from a variety of remote sensing instruments, but often pose computational challenges. This new tutorial and R software package makes both old and new survey estimation tools easily accessible.
    A world map displaying the density of ModelMap downloads
    Working in the Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Program, we have access to a valuable collection of detailed information about forests on thousands of sample plots distributed across the country. This information is used to produce summaries of forestland characteristics for a variety of geographic areas such as states or individual national forests. We wanted a simple tool to extend this sample data and make detailed maps of forest characteristics for all the land in between the study locations.
    There is new methodology for fitting ecologically feasible “shapes” to time series of Landsat imagery for modeling, mapping, and monitoring annual forest disturbance dynamics. Through a case study of fire, harvest and bark beetle outbreak, scientists illustrate how resultant fitted values and parameters can be fed into empirical models to map disturbance causal agent and tree canopy cover changes coincident with disturbance events through time.
    Understanding trends in forest disturbance caused by fire, harvest, stress, weather, and conversion is important for many forest management decisions as well as scientific investigations. After a decade of collaborative work between the Forest Service, NASA, University of Maryland and other partners, the North American Forest Dynamics (NAFD) project has processed historic Landsat data. This effort provides a comprehensive annual, wall-to-wall analysis of U.S. disturbance history over the last 25 years. Substantial progress has been made to also identify specific causal agents through time, and nationwide datasets will soon be available for exploring spatial and temporal patterns in U.S. forests.
    A historically consistent and broadly applicable monitoring, reporting, and verification system based on lidar sampling and Landsat time-series (tested in the US, and applied to the US NGHGI reporting system).
    North American Forest Dynamics (NAFD) project is exploiting the Landsat historical record to develop a quantitative understanding of forest disturbance patterns across the conterminous US.
    The Landscape Change Monitoring System (LCMS) is an emerging remote sensing-based system for mapping and monitoring land cover and land use change across the US. Envisioned as a framework for integrating Landsat-based products and other datasets, LCMS  is producing spatially, temporally, and thematically comprehensive data and information from which landscape change can be consistently assessed, documented, and analyzed at the national scale. 
    Forest Inventory ESTimation & Analysis (FIESTA) is a research tool for analysts who use data from the Forest Inventory and Analysis program and work in the open-source, R statistical programming environment.

    National Strategic Program Areas: 
    Inventory and Monitoring
    National Priority Research Areas: 
    Forest Disturbances; Forest Inventory and Analysis
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    Inventory and Monitoring