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Alan Ager

Alan Ager

Research Forester

72510 Coyote Road
Pendleton, OR 97801
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Current Research

Wildfire risk governance Socioeconomic and ecological trandeoffs in forest restoration programs Network analysis of wildfire risk transmission Landscape scenaio modeling


  • University of Washington, Ph.D., Forest Genetics, 1987
  • University of Wisconsin - Madison, M.S., Genetics, 1982
  • University of Washington, B.S. Forest Science, Forest Science, Forest Management, 1978
  • Featured Publications


    Ager, Alan; Palaiologou, Palaiologos; Evers, Cody R.; Day, Michelle A.; Barros, Ana M. G., 2018. Assessing transboundary wildfire exposure in the southwestern United States
    Alcasena, Fermin J.; Ager, Alan; Salis, Michele; Day, Michelle A.; Vega-Garcia, Cristina, 2018. Optimizing prescribed fire allocation for managing fire risk in central Catalonia
    Alcasena, Fermín J.; Salis, Michele; Ager, Alan; Castell, Rafael; Vega-García, Cristina, 2017. Assessing wildland fire risk transmission to communities in northern Spain
    Ager, Alan; Vogler, Kevin C.; Day, Michelle A.; Bailey, John D., 2017. Economic opportunities and trade-offs in collaborative forest landscape restoration
    Ager, Alan; Barros, Ana M. G.; Preisler, Haiganoush K.; Day, Michelle A.; Spies, Thomas A.; Bailey, John D.; Bolte, John P., 2017. Effects of accelerated wildfire on future fire regimes and implications for the United States federal fire policy
    Ager, Alan; Houtman, Rachel M.; Seli, Robert; Day, Michelle A.; Bailey, John, 2017. Integrating large wildfire simulation and forest growth modeling for restoration planning
    Ager, Alan; Evers, Cody R.; Day, Michelle A.; Preisler, Haiganoush K.; Barros, Ana M. G.; Nielsen-Pincus, Max, 2017. Network analysis of wildfire transmission and implications for risk governance
    Barros, Ana M. G.; Ager, Alan; Day, Michelle A.; Preisler, Haiganoush K.; Spies, Thomas A.; White, Eric; Pabst, Robert J.; Olsen, Keith A.; Platt, Emily; Bailey, John D.; Bolte, John P., 2017. Spatiotemporal dynamics of simulated wildfire, forest management, and forest succession in central Oregon, USA
    Spies, Thomas A.; White, Eric; Ager, Alan; Kline, Jeffrey D.; Bolte, John P.; Platt, Emily K.; Olsen, Keith A.; Pabst, Robert J.; Barros, Ana M. G.; Bailey, John D.; Charnley, Susan; Morzillo, Anita T.; Koch, Jennifer; Steen-Adams, Michelle M.; Singleton, Peter H.; Sulzman, James; Schwartz, Cynthia; Csuti, Blair, 2017. Using an agent-based model to examine forest management outcomes in a fire-prone landscape in Oregon, USA
    Kalabokidis, Kostas; Ager, Alan; Finney, Mark A.; Athanasis, Nikos; Palaiologou, Palaiologos; Vasilakos, Christos, 2016. AEGIS: a wildfire prevention and management information system
    Hulse, David; Branscomb, Allan; Enright, Chris; Johnson, Bart; Evers, Cody; Bolte, John; Ager, Alan, 2016. Anticipating surprise: Using agent-based alternative futures simulation modeling to identify and map surprising fires in the Willamette Valley, Oregon USA
    Lozano, Olga M.; Salis, Michele; Ager, Alan; Arca, Bachisio; Alcasena, Fermin J.; Monteiro, Antonio T.; Finney, Mark A.; Del Giudice, Liliana; Scoccimarro, Enrico; Spano, Donatella, 2016. Assessing climate change impacts on wildfire exposure in Mediterranean areas
    Ager, Alan A.; Day, Michelle A.; Short, Karen C.; Evers, Cody R., 2016. Assessing the impacts of federal forest planning on wildfire risk-mitigation in the Pacific Northwest, USA
    Salis, Michele; Laconi, Maurizio; Ager, Alan; Alcasena, Fermin J.; Arca, Bachisio; Lozano, Olga; de Oliveira, Ana Fernandes; Spano, Donatella, 2016. Evaluating alternative fuel treatment strategies to reduce wildfire losses in a Mediterranean area
    Fischer, A. Paige; Spies, Thomas A; Steelman, Toddi A; Moseley, Cassandra; Johnson, Bart R; Bailey, John D; Ager, Alan; Bourgeron, Patrick; Charnley, Susan; Collins, Brandon M; Kline, Jeffrey D; Leahy, Jessica E; Littell, Jeremy S; Millington, James DA; Nielsen-Pincus, Max; Olsen, Christine S; Paveglio, Travis B; Roos, Christopher I; Steen-Adams, Michelle M; Stevens, Forrest R; Vukomanovic, Jelena; White, Eric M; Bowman, David M. J. S., 2016. Pathology of wildfire risk: A characterization of social and ecological dimensions
    Martin, Ana; Botequim, Brigite; Oliveira, Tiago M.; Ager, Alan; Pirotti, Francesco, 2016. Temporal optimisation of fuel treatment design in blue gum (Eucalyptus globulus) plantations
    Salis, Michele; Ager, Alan A.; Alcasena, Fermin J.; Arca, Bachisio; Finney, Mark A.; Pellizzaro, Grazia; Spano, Donatella, 2015. Analyzing seasonal patterns of wildfire exposure factors in Sardinia, Italy
    Vogler, Kevin C.; Ager, Alan; Day, Michelle A.; Jennings, Michael; Bailey, John D., 2015. Prioritization of forest restoration projects: Tradeoffs between wildfire protection, ecological restoration and economic objectives
    Bone, Christopher; Ager, Alan; Bunzel, Ken; Tierney, Lauren, 2014. A geospatial search engine for discovering multi-format geospatial data across the web
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    Ager, Alan A.; McMahan, Andrew J.; Barrett, James J.; McHugh, Charles W., 2007. A simulation study of thinning and fuel treatments on a wildland-urban interface in eastern Oregon, USA
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