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Keyword: temperature

Temperature, hydric environment, and prior pathogen exposure alter the experimental severity of chytridiomycosis in boreal toads

Publications Posted on: March 22, 2012
Prevalence of the pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd), implicated in amphibian population declines worldwide, is associated with habitat moisture and temperature, but few studies have varied these factors and measured the response to infection in amphibian hosts.

Overstory removal and residue treatments affect soil surface, air, and soil temperature: implications for seedling survival

Publications Posted on: January 05, 2012
Potentially lethal ground surface temperatures were measured at three locations in the Northern Rocky Mountains but occurred more frequently under treatments with greater overstory removal. Observed maximum and minimum temperatures of exposed surfaces are directly related to the thermal properties of the surface materials. Survival of planted seedlings was consistent with the pattern of potentially lethal temperatures.

MTCLIM: a mountain microclimate simulation model

Publications Posted on: January 05, 2012
A model for calculating daily microclimate conditions in mountainous terrain is presented. Daily air temperature, shortwave radiation, relative humidity, and precipitation are extrapolated form data measured at National Weather Service stations. The model equations are given and the paper describes how to execute the model. Model outputs are compared with observed data from several mountain sites.

Weather summaries for Coram Experimental Forest, northwestern Montana-an International Biosphere Reserve

Publications Posted on: December 07, 2011
Presents weather data summaries (1934-82) for most of the weather stations within the Coram Experimental Forest (a Biosphere Reserve) in northwestern Montana and for three stations adjacent to the Forest. These data aid in the interpretation of silvicultural and other biological research, particularly the relationships of climatological variations to forest growth and productivity.

Climate change, aquatic ecosystems, and fishes in the Rocky Mountain West: implications and alternatives for management

Publications Posted on: December 06, 2010
Anthropogenic climate change is rapidly altering aquatic ecosystems across the Rocky Mountain West and may detrimentally impact populations of sensitive species that are often the focus of conservation efforts.

Climate control of terrestrial carbon exchange across biomes and continents

Publications Posted on: September 15, 2010
Understanding the relationships between climate and carbon exchange by terrestrial ecosystems is critical to predict future levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide because of the potential accelerating effects of positive climate-carbon cycle feedbacks. However, directly observed relationships between climate and terrestrial CO2 exchange with the atmosphere across biomes and continents are lacking.

Climate change and bark beetles of the western United States and Canada: Direct and indirect effects

Publications Posted on: September 08, 2010
Climatic changes are predicted to significantly affect the frequency and severity of disturbances that shape forest ecosystems. We provide a synthesis of climate change effects on native bark beetles, important mortality agents of conifers in western North America.