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Keyword: Storm Runoff

The Black Hills (South Dakota) flood of June 1972: Impacts and implications

Publications Posted on: May 07, 2015
Rains of 12 inches or more in 6 hours fell on the east slopes of the Black Hills the night of June 9, 1972. Resulting flash floods exacted a disastrous toll in human life and property. Rainfall and discharge so greatly exceeded previous records that recurrence intervals have been presented in terms of multiples of the estimated 50- or 100- year event. Quick runoff was produced in the heaviest rainfall areas regardless of hydrologic condition.

Influence of forest roads and BMPs on soil erosion

Publications Posted on: July 12, 2012
Mitigating sediment export from the forest road prism and potential delivery to forest streams will require a more complete prospective on forest road erosion and benefit of BMPs in reducing the risk of degrading environmental impacts. Sediment control systems have clearly been presented as effective in minimizing sediment travel distances downslope and are likely the key to reducing the environmental impact of road systems.