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Keyword: soil

How do humans restructure the biodiversity of the Sonoran Desert?

Publications Posted on: June 09, 2006
We studied patterns of biodiversity across the entire urban, suburban, agricultural, and surrounding Sonoran Desert landscape of central Arizona-Phoenix. A probability-based extensive integrated field inventory was used to survey perennial plants, pollen, birds, and sample soil chemistry, supplemented by monthly or quarterly monitoring of arthropod and bird communities at some sites.

Understory vegetation and site factors : implications for a managed Wisconsin landscape

Publications Posted on: July 30, 2004
We investigated relationships between edaphic and environmental factors (soil, forest floor, topography, and canopy) and understory vegetation (composition, richness, and Shannon-Wiener diversity index, H')among 77 plots representing seven major patch types comprising a landscape in northern Wisconsin that has a long history of human management.