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Keyword: snow accumulation

Snow accumulation in thinned lodgepole pine stands, Montana, USA

Publications Posted on: July 28, 2015
Alternative silvicultural treatments such as thinning can be used to restore forested watersheds and reduce wildfire hazards, but the hydrologic effects of these treatments are not well defined.

Snow accumulation under various forest stand densities at Tenderfoot Creek Experimental Forest, Montana, USA

Publications Posted on: July 28, 2015
Snow accumulation in forested watersheds is controlled by climate, elevation, topographic factors and vegetation structure. Conifers affect snow accumulation principally by intercepting snow with the canopy which may later be sublimated. Various tree, stand, species and canopy densities of a subalpine fir habitat (ALBANASC) in central Montana were studied to determine if there was a response of snow accumulation to vegetation.

The performance of a simple degree-day estimate of snow accumulation to an alpine watershed

Publications Posted on: May 28, 2015
We estimated the yearly snow accumulation to the Glacier Lakes Ecosystems Experiments Site (GLEES) for the winters of 1987-88, 1988-89, and 1989-90, using a simple degree-day model developed by J. Martinec and A. Rango. Comparisons with other data indicate that the estimates are accurate. In particular, a calibration with an intensive snow core-probe survey in 1989-90 agrees within the probable error of the survey, which was ± 6%.

Effects of forest cover and environmental variables on snow accumulation and melt

Publications Posted on: September 06, 2012
The goal of this study was to assess the effects of topography and forest cover resulting from different treatments on snow accumulation and melt in small watersheds in the western United States.