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Keyword: porosity

Biochar can be a suitable replacement for Sphagnum peat in nursery production of Pinus ponderosa seedlings

Publications Posted on: May 10, 2018
We replaced a control peat medium with up to 75% biochar on a volumetric basis in three different forms (powder, BC; pyrolyzed softwood pellets, PP; composite wood-biochar pellets, WP), and under two supplies of nitrogen fertilizer (20 or 80 mg N) subsequently grew seedlings with a comparable morphology to the control.

Burning rates of wood cribs with implications for wildland fires

Publications Posted on: October 07, 2016
Wood cribs are often used as ignition sources for room fire tests and the well characterized burning rates may also have applications to wildland fires. The burning rate of wildland fuel structures, whether the needle layer on the ground or trees and shrubs themselves, is not addressed in any operational fire model and no simple model exists.

Effect of crib dimensions on burning rate

Publications Posted on: September 11, 2013
The burning rate of unconfined cribs has long been identified to occur in two regimes: the densely-packed regime where the burning rate is proportional to the crib porosity and the loosely-packed regime where the burning rate is independent of porosity. Though the cribs used to define these burning regimes were primarily cubic in dimension, there are seemingly endless possible ways to build a crib with a given porosity.