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Keyword: national parks

Accelerated restoration: new landscape tools to prioritize projects and analyze tradeoffs

Publications Posted on: March 25, 2014
The catastrophic fires and tragic losses during the 2013 fire season have resulted in many discussions about fire management policies aimed at protecting communities and restoring fire-resilient forests from the growing incidence of severe wildfires.

Responding to climate change in national forests: a guidebook for developing adaptation options

Publications Posted on: January 18, 2012
This guidebook contains science-based principles, processes, and tools necessary to assist with developing adaptation options for national forest lands.

Quantifying the consequences of fire suppression in two California national parks

Publications Posted on: December 04, 2009
Excluding fire can have untold ecological effects. Decades of fire suppression in national parks and other protected areas have altered natural fire regimes, vegetation, and wildlife habitat (Chang 1996; Keane et al. 2002).

Visitor experience and resource protection framework in the National Park System: rationale, current status, and future direction

Publications Posted on: July 20, 2006
The Visitor Experience and Resource Protection (VERP) framework was developed by the National Park Service to address carrying capacity questions associated with visitation-related resource impacts and impacts to the quality of visitor experiences.

Hikers and recreational stock users: predicting and managing recreation conflicts in three wildernesses

Publications Posted on: July 19, 2006
A long-term problem that continues to grow in many wildland areas is the displeasure hikers express about meeting recreational livestock (primarily horses and mules) and seeing impacts from stock use. Three studies were conducted to provide a broad look at this interaction in wilderness and some of the contributors to the conflict between hikers and horse users.

Wildlife preservation and recreational use: Conflicting goals of wildland management

Publications Posted on: June 26, 2006
Large tracts of wildland in North America have been set aside as wilderness areas and national parks. More than 200 million acres (88 million ha) of such lands have been formally designated in Canada and the United States (Eidsvik 1989). The primary goal of these designations is the preservation of undisturbed natural conditions and processes.