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Keyword: indicators

LAC indicators: an evaluation of progress and list of proposed indicators

Publications Posted on: March 22, 2006
One of the most critical, and difficult, steps in the Limits of Acceptable Change (LAC) process is the selection of indicators. To help with this step, this paper (I) briefly reviews some desirable characteristics of indicators and (2) lists indicators that have been proposed or adopted in LAC plans.

Defining and managing the quality of wilderness recreation experiences

Publications Posted on: March 09, 2006
There is a substantial body of scientific literature on defining and managing the quality of wilderness experiences.

Indicators of wildness: using attributes of the land to assess the context of wilderness

Publications Posted on: March 03, 2006
Land can be described in a space defined by two fundamental qualities: naturalness and freedom. The axis of naturalness describes the wholeness of the ecosystem relative to a historical norm, while the axis of freedom describes the degree to which land remains outside of human control. Some land can be natural but not free, and vice versa, but the most natural and free are the most wild — they are the lands we recognize as wilderness.