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Northern Goshawks: A 20 year study of ecology and habitat on

Documents and Media Posted on: July 13, 2017
Research on the Kaibab has shown that goshawks, predators of birds and small mammals, are strongly food-limited.Document Type: Other Documents

The Goshawk - Robert Kenward [Book Review]

Publications Posted on: April 03, 2009
Your first encounter with goshawks (Accipter gentilis) often leaves an impression that lasts a lifetime, especially if it involves being attacked by an angry female as you approach too close to her nest.

Distribution, density, and productivity of accipiter hawks breeding in Oregon

Publications Posted on: March 05, 2009
Density of nests and productivity of Sharp-shinned Hawks (Accipiter striatus), Cooper's Hawks (A. cooperii), and Goshawks (A. gentilis) within Oregon are of interest because of recent declines of accipiter hawks in the eastern United States (Schriver 1969, Hackman and Henny 1971, Henny and Wight 1972). One factor implicated in this decline was contamination with chlorinated hydrocarbons (Ratcliffe 1970, Cade et al.