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Keyword: GLEES

Ozone and carbon dioxide fluxes in a subalpine spruce-fir forest ecosystem

Publications Posted on: May 28, 2015
RMFRES RWU 4452 has made several ozone (O3) and carbon dioxide (CO2) trace gas flux measurements in the Snowy Range, WY GLEES research area over the past few years. These measurements were made using the micrometeorological eddy correlation technique at two sites: one 6 m above tree canopy height on the Brooklyn tower (ozone only); and the other below canopy height, 1-2m above a wet alpine meadow surface near the Brooklyn tower.

Biogeochemical fluxes in the Glacier Lakes catchments

Publications Posted on: May 28, 2015
These lakes are moderately sensitive to acid deposition; acidification would require precipitation at least as acidic as that presently found in the more heavily impacted areas of eastern North America. Because most snowpack contaminants are released early in the melting process, seasonal acidification pulses would probably occur at much lower levels of acidic inputs.

GLEES (Glacier Lakes Ecosystem Experiments Site)

Experimental Forests and Ranges Posted on: December 04, 2014
The Glacier Lakes Ecosystem Experiments Site is a high elevation wilderness-like site where research is conducted to determine the effects of atmospheric deposition and climate change on alpine and subalpine aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems and the upper treeline ecotone. Long-term physical, chemical, and biological monitoring is an important component of the activities at GLEES.