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Keyword: forest age

Tree age, disturbance history, and carbon stocks and fluxes in subalpine Rocky Mountain forests

Publications Posted on: November 26, 2008
Forest carbon stocks and fluxes vary with forest age, and relationships with forest age are often used to estimate fluxes for regional or national carbon inventories. Two methods are commonly used to estimate forest age: observed tree age or time since a known disturbance.

Seasonal patterns in soil surface CO2 flux under snow cover in 50 and 300 year old subalpine forests

Publications Posted on: July 06, 2006
Soil CO2 flux can contribute as much as 60-80% of total ecosystem respiration in forests. Although considerable research has focused on quantifying this flux during the growing season, comparatively little effort has focused on non-growing season fluxes. We measured soil CO2 efflux through snow in 50 and 300 year old subalpine forest stands near Fraser CO.