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Keyword: extinction risk

Hierarchical multi-population viability analysis

Publications Posted on: December 07, 2018
Population viability analysis (PVA) uses concepts from theoretical ecology to provide a powerful tool for quantitative estimates of population dynamics and extinction risks. However, conventional statistical PVA requires long-term data from every population of interest, whereas many species of concern exist in multiple isolated populations that are only monitored occasionally.

Are there general minimum viable population (MVP) targets that can be used by conservation practitioners?

Projects Posted on: May 28, 2015
Population viability remains an important concept to Forest Service planning. Determining priorities for species conservation and management is facilitated by an ability to estimate the extinction risk associated with populations of different sizes. The need to set species population conservation targets, even in data-deficient situations, has prompted researchers to ask whether there are general guidelines that can supplant the need for species-specific estimates of extinction risk.