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Keyword: eddy covariance systems

Reply to comment by Rannik on "A simple method for estimating frequency response corrections for eddy covariance systems"

Publications Posted on: May 29, 2015
First, my thanks to Dr. Ullar Rannik for his interest and insights in my recent study of spectral corrections and associated eddy covariance flux loss (Massman, 2000, henceforth denoted by M2000). His comments are important and germane to the attenuation of low frequencies of the turbulent cospectra due to recursive filtering and block averaging. Dr. Rannik addresses two specific issues.

Concerning the measurement of atmospheric trace gas fluxes with open- and closed-path eddy covariance systems: The density terms and spectral attenuation [Chapter 7]

Publications Posted on: May 23, 2013
Atmospheric trace gas fluxes measured with an eddy covariance sensor that detects a constituent's density fluctuations within the in situ air need to include terms resulting from concurrent heat and moisture fluxes, the so called 'density' or 'WPL corrections' (Webb et al. 1980). The theory behind these additional terms is well established.