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Spatial Demography in the Natural Resource Management Context


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Rebecca Rasch (USFS Presidential Management Fellow) provided a brief overview of recent social science research which applies spatial demographic techniques to answer natural resource management questions. Topics included: considering social vulnerability in climate change adaptation policy decisions, linking intergenerational changes in Wilderness values and preferences for Wilderness management, and the effects of urbanization and climate change on use of protected natural areas. The webinar recording is available at

Social science research

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Rebecca Rasch, PhD is a Presidential Management Fellow, Regional Social Scientist for Region 1 with the U.S. Forest Service, and research fellow with the Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute. Prior to her appointment, Rebecca served as the Senior Project Manager and Statistical Consultant for the Social Science Research Council, conducting both quantitative and qualitative research and analysis for their Measure of America program. Rebecca has also worked for several non-profit organizations focused on sustainable development and environmental policy, including Global Giving, the Environmental Defense Fund and Techno Serve.

Rebecca earned a BA in American Studies from Wesleyan University, a MBA from the University of Virginia, and a PhD in Sociology and certificate in Demography from The Graduate Center at the City University of New York. Her research specialization areas include urbanization, spatial and environmental demography, and economic sociology.

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The webinar recording is available at

December 16, 2016