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Science You Can Use (in 5 min): Fishers and Martens and Lynx, Oh My! Multiregional, Goal Efficient Monitoring of Mesocarnivores

Posted date: February 12, 2019
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North American mesocarnivores don’t all get the recognition you might expect. If a typical American had to describe a fisher, a marten or a wolverine, the responses might include an angler, a civil rights leader or a superhero with retractable claws. People are unlikely to know much about these often elusive creatures, such as the fact that fishers (forest-dwelling members of the weasel family) are one of the few animals that will actually go to the trouble of hunting a porcupine. Land managers and biologists are keenly aware that they also lack knowledge about these mesocarnivores, especially about where they live and how they’re affected by changes to their environment. This lack of knowledge can cause problems, especially with species that have legal or management designations such as “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act (such as lynx) or “Regional Forester Sensitive Species” (such as fisher and wolverine).

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Golding, Jessie ; Schwartz, Michael K. ; McKelvey, Kevin S. ; Squires, John R. ; Jackson, Scott D. ; Staab, Cara ; Sadak, Rema B. , 2018
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