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From Expensive to Efficient: New eDNAtlas Shares Nationwide Aquatic Species Information

Posted date: October 16, 2018
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Authors: Isaak, Daniel J.; Schwartz, Michael K.;
Document type: Other Documents


Imagine that you could look online at interactive maps showing precisely where any species of fish, amphibian, or mussel occurs throughout the United States in streams, lakes, and ponds - all in one spot. The newly-released eDNAtlas turned this idea into an open-access online reality.

The eDNAtlas website and dynamic database tools allow the public, land managers, and researchers to access the results from samples of environmental DNA (eDNA), which is genetic material released by organisms into the environment. The samples taken from aquatic systems throughout the United States help determine local species occurrence. The eDNAtlas was initially powered by a database of 8,000 samples that were collected in recent years through multi-agency partnerships with the National Genomics Center for Wildlife and Fish Conservation.

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