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Gillilan, David M., and Thomas C. Brown. 1997. Instream Flow Protection: Seeking a Balance in Western Water Use. Island Press, Washington, D.C., 417 pp.
(Available in hardcover and paperback)

This book provides a broad overview of Western water issues and numerous case studies illustrating historical, political, legal, and economic aspects of Western water management.

Table of contents:

1. "So What's the Big Deal, Anyway:"

2. The Loss of Instream Flows: A Short

3. History of Water Use and Water Law in the West

4. Instream Uses of Water

5. How Much Water Should be Left in Streams:

6. Instream Flow Protection Issues in the States

7. Methods the States Use to Protect Instream Flows

8. Effect of Instream Flow Protection on Other Water Uses

9. Federal Authorities and Approaches for Protecting Instream Flows

10. Federal Water Development Programs Affecting Instream Flows

11. Federal Environmental Protection Legislation and Programs Affecting Instream Flows

12. Reaching a Balance in Water Allocation

Notes, References, Index


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