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Place, Sense of Place, and Place Attachment

Selected Publications

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  • Williams, D. R. (2004). Environmental psychology: Human responses and relationships to natural landscapes. In Manfredo, M.J., Vaske, J. J., Field, D. R., Brown, P. J., and Bruyere, B. L. (Eds.), Society and natural resources: A summary of knowledge. Jefferson City, MO: Modern Litho.

  • Williams, D. R. (2004). Place Identity. In Jenkins, J., and Pigram, J. (Eds.) Encyclopedia of leisure and outdoor recreation. London: Routledge.

  • Snyder, R., Williams, D. R., and Peterson, G. P. (2003). Culture loss and sense of place in resource valuation: Economics, anthropology, and indigenous cultures. In Jentoft, S., Minde, H., and Nilsen, R. (Eds.) Indigenous peoples: Resource management and global rights (107-123). Delft, The Netherlands: Eburon.
    (755 KB PDF file)

  • Williams, D. R. (2002). Leisure identities, globalization, and the politics of place. Journal of Leisure Research, 34(4), 351-367.
    (615 KB PDF file)

  • Williams, D. R. (2002). The social construction of Arctic wilderness: Place meanings, value pluralism, and globalization. In A. Watson, Alessa, L. and Sproull, J. (comps.) Wilderness in the Circumpolar North: Searching for compatibility in traditional ecotourism and ecological values; May 15-16, 2001; Anchorage, AK. (Proc. RMRS-P-26, pp. 120-132). Ogden, UT: U.S. Deparment of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station
    (60 KB PDF file)

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Place Attachment Scales

Listed below are presentation papers describing place attachment scales.

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  • Williams, D. R., McDonald, C. D., Riden, C. M., and Uysal, M. (1995) Community Attachment, Regional Identity and Resident Attitudes Toward Tourism. In Proceedings of the 26th Annual Travel and Tourism Research Association Conference Proceedings (pp. 424-428). Wheat Ridge, CO: Travel and Tourism Research Association.
    ( KB PDF file)

  • Williams, D. R., Anderson, B. S., McDonald, C. D. and Patterson, M. E. (1995, October). Measuring Place Attachment: More Preliminary Results. Paper Presented at Leisure Research Symposium, San Antonio, Texas

  • Watson, A E., Micheal J. Niccoulucci, et. al. (1994). The nature of conflict between hikers and recreational stock users in the John Muir wilderness. Journal of Leisure Research, 26, 372-385.

  • Williams, D. R., Patterson, M. E., Roggenbuck, J. W, and Watson, A. E. (1992). Beyond the commodity metaphor: Examing emotional and symbolic attachment to place. Leisure Sciences, 14, 29-46.
    (1,003 KB PDF file)

  • Watson, A. E., Williams, D. R., Roggenbuck, J. W, and Daigle, J. (1992). Visitor characteristics and preferences for three national forest wilderness in the South. (USDA Forest Service Research Paper INT-455, 27p). Ogden, UT: Intermountain Research Station.

  • Williams, D. R., and Roggenbuck, J. W (1991). Sources of conflict between hikers and mountain bike riders in the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 9(3), 59-71.

  • Williams, D. R., and Roggenbuck, J. W (1990, May). Measuring Place Attachment: Some Preliminary Results. In J. Gramann (Compiler) Proceedings of the Third Symposium on Social Science in Resource Management (pp. 70-72). College Station, TX: Texas A&M University

  • Williams, D. R., and Roggenbuck, J. W. (1989, October). Measuring Place Attachment: Some Preliminary Results. Paper Presented at the Session on Outdoor Planning and Management, NRPA Symposium on Leisure Research, San Antonio, TX.
    ( KB PDF file)

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Measuring Place Attachment

Notes on Measuring Recreational Place Attachment Measurement (1.8 MB PDF file)

Daniel R. Williams
September, 2000

Example Survey Questions for Measuring Place Attachment

See notes on measurement (above) for explanations and analysis of survey questions.

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