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Data Acquisition

image of Web Services menu

Data acquisition functionality can be used to seamlessly build or specify a file geodatabase and store data from a given web service.

After specifying services and layers to download from web services, users can zoom to an area of interest and click Service Download or Tiled ImageServer Download to seamlessly download data.


image of Sample menu

Sampling tools can be used to

  • export tabular data
  • explode sample location
  • create random and stratified random samples
  • sample raster values for a given location
  • sample raster values around a given sample
  • randomly select samples from a table given a specified statistical model.

Additional sampling tools can be added using the customization tool within ArcMap.

Raster Analysis

image of Raster Analysis menu

Most raster spatial analysis procedures can be access through the Raster Analysis menu.

Tools for each analysis work with multiband raster datasets and outputs are stored as function datasets with a pixel depth of 32 bit floating precision (with the exception of Convert Pixel Type).

Additional spatial analysis tools can be loaded into the toolbar using ArcMap's customization functionality.

Statistical Modeling

image of Statistical Modeling menu

Statistical modeling can be used to build, design and run a wide variety of statistical and machine learning models for both raster and vector data. Examples of analyses that can be performed include:

  • variance covariance
  • T-Tests
  • PCA
  • K-means clustering
  • linear
  • multivariate
  • logistic
  • polytomous logistic regression
  • accuracy assessment
  • neural networks
  • random forest.

These tools integrate the Aforge.NET, Accord.NET, and ALGLIB libraries directly into ArcMap. Many of these tools need to be manually added to ArcMap via the customization tool.