RMRS-RN-11WWW: Hosts and Geographic Distribution of Arceuthobium oxycedr

About RMRS

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The Rocky Mountain Research Station develops scientific information and technology to improve management, protection, and use of the forests and rangelands. Research is designed to meet the needs of National Forest managers, Federal and State agencies, public and private organizations, academic institutions, industry, and individuals.

Studies accelerate solutions to problems involving ecosystems, range, forests, water, recreation, fire, resource inventory, land reclamation, community sustainability, forest engineering technology, multiple use economics, wildlife and fish habitat, and forest insects and diseases. Studies are conducted cooperatively, and applications may be found worldwide.

Research Locations

Flagstaff, Arizona Reno, Nevada
Fort Collins, Colorado* Albuquerque, New Mexico
Boise, Idaho Rapid City, South Dakota
Moscow, Idaho Logan, Utah
Bozeman, Montana Ogden, Utah
Missoula, Montana Provo, Utah
Lincoln, Nebraska Laramie, Wyoming

*Station Headquarters, Natural Resources Research Center, 2150 Centre Avenue, Building A, Fort Collins, CO 80526-2098

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Title: RMRS-RN-11WWW: About RMRS
Electronic Publish Date: September 2001
Last Update:
August 20, 2008