RMRS-RN-11WWW: Hosts and Geographic Distribution of Arceuthobium oxycedr

Results: Northern Africa

Algeria and Morocco

Arceuthobium oxycedri is reported from the northern mountain regions of Morocco and Algeria on Juniperus oxycedrus L. and J. phoenicea L. (Hawksworth and Wiens 1996; Maire 1961; Turrill 1920) from a number of locations (Table 1, Table 3, Map 1). Reported collection sites that could not be located on maps include for Morocco--Gada and Gor Boubon (K) and Ait Bougoummen (collection at M) and for Algeria--Gharrouban (Turrill 1920 and cited as Gharroubau by Hawksworth and Wiens 1996 for a collection at K); Montagnes du Haut Tell and Montes de Bou-Saada (or Bou-Sarda) (Maire 1961); Ain Aissa, Aumale, and Tafaroua (K).


Both Juniperus phoenicea and J. oxycedrus are indigenous to northern Tunisia (Khaldi and others 2000), but we have been unable to obtain confirmed reports of infection by Arceuthobium oxycedri in the country.

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Title: RMRS-RN-11WWW: Results: Northern Africa
Electronic Publish Date: September 2001
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August 20, 2008