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INT Research Papers (RP)

Publications from the former Intermountain Research Station (INT) (1963-1997). Listed in descending order by publication number. Only titles with links are currently available online with more titles always being added.

INT-RP-497: Experimental Evaluations of two leave-no-trace techniques: removing boots and using geotextile groundcloths (scrim)

INT-RP-496: High-use Destinations in Wilderness: Social and Biophysical Impacts, Visitor Responses, and Managment Options

INT-RP-495: Old Growth Ponderosa Pine and Western larch Stand Structures: Influences of Pre- 1900 Fires and Fire Exclusion

INT-RP-494: Localized Spatial and Temporal Attack Dynamics of the Mountain Pine Beetle in Lodgepole Pine

INT-RP-493: Effects of Humidity on Storing Big Sagebrush Seed

INT-RP-492: Response of a depleted sagebrush steppe riparian system to grazing control and woody planting

INT-RP-491: Elk and Domestic Sheep Interactions in a North-Central Utah Aspen Ecosystem

INT-RP-490: Campsite Impacts in Four Wildernesses in the South-Central United State

INT-RP-489: Fall Rates of Prescribed Fire-Killed Ponderosa Pine

INT-RP-488: Wilderness Recreation Use Trends, 1965 through 199

INT-RP-487: Bark Beetle and Wood Borer Infestation in the Greater Yellowstone Area During Four Postfire Years

INT-RP-486: Sediment production and downslope sediment transport from forest roads in granitic watershed

INT-RP-485: Strutting Sounds and Strutting Posturing of Two Utah Sage Grouse Populations

INT-RP-484: FIRE-BGC A Mechanistic Ecological Process Model for Simulating Fire Succession on Coniferous forest Ladcapscapes of the Nothern Rocky Mountains

INT-RP-483: Trends in Wilderness Visitors and Visits: Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Shining Rock, and Desolation Wildernesses

INT-RP-482: Managing Lodgepole Pine to Yield Merchantable Thinning Products and Attain Sawtimber Rotations

INT-RP-481: Age-Class Structure of Old Growth Ponderosa Pine/Douglas-fir Stands and its Relationship to Fire History

INT-RP-480: Comparison of Three Methods for Determining Total Alkalinity in Natural Waters

INT-RP-479: Effects of thinning on temperature dynamics and mountain pine beetle activity in a lodgepole pine stand

INT-RP-478: Sixty Years of Change in Tree Numbers and Basal Area in Central Utah Stands

INT-RP-477: Managing coarse woody debris in forests of the Rocky Mountains

INT-RP-476: Root Dipping of Conifer Seedlings Shows Little Benefit in the Northern Rocky Mountains

INT-RP-475: The Wilderness Threats Matrix: A Framework for Assessing Impacts

INT-RP-474: Pine Valley Ridge Source - a Superior Selected Germplasm of Black Sagebrush

INT-RP-473: Nutritive Quality and Mineral Content of Potential Desert Tortoise Food Plants

INT-RP-472: Natural Regeneration in Two Central Idaho Grand Fir Habitat Types

INT-RP-471: Volume Equations for New Mixico's Pinyon-Juniper Dryland Forests

INT-RP-470: Identfying Proxy Sets in Multiple Linear Regression: an Aid to Better Coefficient Interpretation

INT-RP-469: Chemical and Mechanical Control of False Hellebore (Veratrum Californicum) in a Alpine Community

INT-RP-468: Hikers and recreational stock users: predicting and managing recreation conflicts in three wildernesses

INT-RP-467: Predicting Regeneration Establishment with the Prognosis Model

INT-RP-466: Problems in Lodgepole Pine Thinnings: Basal Live Limbs and Fill-in Regeneration

INT-RP-465: Adding Sodium Hydroxide to Study Metal Removal in a Stream Affected by Acid Mine Drainage

INT-RP-464: Trampling Effects on Mountain Vegetation in Washington, Colorado, New Hampshire, and North Carolina

INT-RP-463: Campsites in three western wildernesses: proliferation and changes in condition over 12 to 16 years

INT-RP-462: Evaluation of Roadside Stabilization and Beautification Plantings in South-Central Utah

INT-RP-461: Gordon Creek - A Superior, Tested Germplasm of Wyoming Big Sagebrush

INT-RP-460: Plant Community Diversity After Herbicide Control of Spotted Knapweed

INT-RP-459: Stochastic Life-Cycle Model (SLCM): Simulating the Population Dynamics of Anadromous Salmonids

INT-RP-458: Effect of Seeder Design and Seed Placement on Seedling Size and Cull Rates at Western Forests Nurseries

INT-RP-457: Handcrew Fireline Production Rates - Some Field Observations

INT-RP-456: Baseline Demographics of Late Successional Western Hemlock/Western Redcedar Stands in Northern Idaho Research Natural Areas

INT-RP-455: Visitor characteristics and preferences for three National Forest wildernesses in the South

INT-RP-454: Cliff Lake Bench Research Natural Area: Problems Encountered in Monitoring Vegetation Change on Mountain Grasslands

INT-RP-453: Trends in campsite condition: Eagle Cap Wilderness, Bob Marshall Wilderness, and Grand Canyon National Park

INT-RP-452: Birds of a Great Basin Sagebrush Habitat in East-Central Nevada

INT-RP-451: Managing data from remeasured plots: An evaluation of existing systems

INT-RP-450: Changes on trails in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness, Montana, 1978-89

INT-RP-449: Spiral Grain and Annual Ring Width in Natural Unthinned Stands of Lodgepole Pine in North America

INT-RN-448: Regeneration of aspen by suckering on burned sites in western Wyoming

INT-RP-447: Heuristic Process for Solving Mixed-Integer Land Management and Transportation Planning Models

INT-RP-446: Optimum Dosage of Verbenone to Reduce Infestation of Mountain Pine Beetle in Lodgepole Pine Stands of Central Idaho

INT-RP-445: Small Mammals of a Beaver Pond Ecosystem and Adjacent Riparian Habitat in Idaho

INT-RP-444: Mountain Pine Beetle Response to Different Verbenone Dosages in Pine Stands of Western Montana

INT-RP-443: Woody Fuel and Duff Consumption by Prescribed fire in Northern Idaho Mixed Conifer Logging Slash

INT-RP-442: Bird populations in logged and unlogged western larch/Douglas-fir forest in northwestern Montana

INT-RP-441: Breeding Bird Populations in a Grazed and Ungrazed Riparian Habitat in Nevada

INT-RP-440: Montana's Log Home Industry: Development and Current Status

INT-RP-439: Twenty-year Natural Regeneration Following Five Silvicultural Prescriptions in Spruce-fir Forests of the Intermountain West

INT-RP-438: Predicting Behavior and Size of Crown Fires in the Northern Rocky Mountains

INT-RP-437: Relative Corrosivity of Currently Approved Wildland Fire Chemicals

INT-RP-436: Soil Disturbance Resulting From Skidding Logs on Granitic Soils in Central Idaho

INT-RP-435: Performance of Three Mountain Pine Beetle Damage Models Compared to Actual Outbreak Histories

INT-RP-434: Reexamination of Rothermel's Fire Spread Equations in No-wind and No-slope Conditions

INT-RP-433: Birds of an Upper Sagebrush-Grass Zone Habitat in East-Central Nevada

INT-RP-432: Bird Populations in and Adjacent to a Beaver Pond Ecosystem in Idaho

INT-RP-431: Assessment of Nongame Bird Habitat Using Forest Survey Data

INT-RP-430: Sage Grouse Status and Recovery Plan for Strawberry Valley, Utah

INT-RP-429: Predicting Equilibrium Moisture Content of Some Foliar Forest Litter in the Northern Rocky Mountains

INT-RP-428: How wilderness visitors choose entry points and campsites

INT-RP-427: Differences in Vegetation Biomass and Structure Due to Cattle Grazing in a Northern Nevada Riparian Ecosystem

INT-RP-426: Greenhouse Evaluation of Reclamation Treatments for Perlite-Pumice Mine Spoils

INT-RP-425: Bird and Small Mammal Populations in a Grazed and Ungrazed Riparian Habitat in Idaho

INT-RP-424: Relationship of fuel size and spacing to combustion characteristics of laboratory fuel cribs

INT-RP-423: Antiaggregative Effect of Verbenone on Response of the Mountain Pine Beetle to Baited Traps

INT-RP-422: Influence of Nontimber Resources on Timber Sale characteristics in the Intermountain West

INT-RP-421: Combustion Recovery of Flaming Pine Needle Fuel Beds Sprayed With Water/MAP Mixtures

INT-RP-420: Incidence of Compression Wood and Stem Eccentricity in Lodgepole Pine of North America

INT-RP-419: Soil Chemical properties of Raised Planting Beds in a Northern Idaho Forest

INT-RP-418: Predicting Salability of Timber Sale Offerings in the Forest Service Northern Region

INT-RP-417: Comparison of Overstory Canopy Cover Estimates on Forest Survey Plots

INT-RP-416: Susceptibility of Ponderosa Pine to Western Gall Rust Within the Middle Columbia River System

INT-RP-415: Developmental Differences Among Five Lodgepole Pine Provenances Planted on a Subalpine Site in Montana

INT-RP-414: MTCLIM: a mountain microclimate simulation model

INT-RP-413: Small mammal populations in a grazed and ungrazed ripartan habitat In Nevada

INT-RP-412: Effects of Prescribed Fire on Biomass and Plant Succession in Western Aspen

INT-RP-411: Ignition Probabilities of Wildland Fuels Based on Simulated Lightning Discharges

INT-RP-410: Mule Deer Diets on a Chained and Seeded Central Utah Pinyon-Juniper Range

INT-RP-409: Influence of overstory removal and western spruce budworm defoliation on growth of advance conifer regeneration in Montana

INT-RP-408: Responses of Birds and Small Mammals to Single-Tree Selection Logging in Idaho

INT-RP-407: Characteristics of Long Vertical DC Arc Discharges

INT-RP-406: Predicting Timber Sale costs from Sale Characteristics in the Intermountain West

INT-RP-405: Vegetation Response to Helicopter Logging and Broadcast Burning in Douglas-fir Habitat Types at Silver Creek, Central Idaho

INT-RP-404: Forage quality in burned and unburned aspen communities

INT-RP-403: Test of RPA Production Coefficients and Local Assumptions for the Pinyon-Juniper Ecosystem in Central Utah

INT-RP-402: Native Species Establishment on an Oil Drill Pad Site in the Uintah Mountains, Utah: Effects of Introduced Grass Density and Fertilizer

INT-RP-401: Streamflow responses to road building and harvesting: A comparison with the equivalent clearcut area procedure

INT-RP-400: Microclimate: an alternative to tree vigor as a basis for mountain pine beetle infestations

INT-RP-399: Differential Susceptibility of Ponderosa Pine to the Gouty Pitch Midge (Cecidomyia piniinopis)

INT-RP-398: Montana's Post and Pole Industry-An Economic Analysis of Production and Markets

INT-RP-397: Revegetation by Land Imprinter and Rangeland Drill

INT-RP-396: Lodgepole Pine Vigor, Regeneration, and Infestation by Mountain Pine Beetle Following Partial Cutting on the Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming

INT-RP-395: Evaluating Statistical Techniques for Predicting and Interpreting Forplan Results

INT-RP-394: Selected Yield Tables for Plantations and Natural Stands in Inland Northwest Forests

INT-RP-393: Growth of Regeneration Defoliated by Spruce Budworm in Idaho

INT-RP-392: Bulldozer Fireline Production Rates - ?1988 Update

INT-RP-391: Juniper, Pinyon, Oak, and Mesquite Volume Equations for Arizona

INT-RP-390: Soil Characteristics as an Aid to Identifying Forest Habitat types in Northern Idaho

INT-RP-389: Disturbance and Recovery of Trampled Montane Grassland and Forests in Montana

INT-RP-388: Bracken Fern Inhibition of Conifer Regeneration in Northern Idaho

INT-RP-387: Resistance of Ponderosa Pine to the Gouty Pitch Midge (Cecidomyia piniinopis)

INT-RP-386: Susceptibility of Ponderosa Pine to the Needle Cast Fungus Lophodermium baculiferum

INT-RP-385: Armillaria in the Northern Rockies: Delineation of Isolates Into Clones

INT-RP-384: Container-Grown Ponderosa Pine Seedling Outperform Bareroot Seedlings on Harsh Sites in Southern Utah

INT-RP-383: Occurrence of Conifer Seedlings and Their Microenvironments on Disturbed Sites in Central Idaho

INT-RP-382: Theoretical Basis for Modeling Probability Distributions of Fire Behavior

INT-RP-381: Occurrence of Armillaria spp. in Forests of the Northern Rocky Mountains

INT-RP-380: Effects of Persistent Volcanic ash on Douglas-fir in Northern Idaho

INT-RP-379: Soluble Sugar Concentrations in Needles and Bark of Western White Pine in Response to Season and Blister Rust

INT-RP-378: Finding the Appropriate Forage Value for Analyzing the Feasibility of Public Range Improvement

INT-RP-377: Overstory removal and residue treatments affect soil surface, air, and soil temperature: implications for seedling survival

INT-RP-376: Damage to First-Year Conifers Under Three Livestock Grazing Intensities in Idaho

INT-RP-375: Components of Adaptive Variation in Pinus contorta from the Inland Northwest

INT-RP-374: Distribution of Active Ectomycorrhizal Short Roots in Forest Soils of the Inland Northwest: Effects of Site and Disturbance

INT-RP-373: Adaptive variation in Pinus ponderosa from Intermountain regions. II. Middle Columbia River system

INT-RP-372: Pinyon-Juniper Site Quality and Volume Growth Equations for Nevada

INT-RP-371: Influence of Viewing Angle on Elk Hiding Cover in Young Timber Stands

INT-RP-370: Hobble Creek - A Superior Selection of Low-Elevation Mountain Big Sagebrush

INT-RP-369: Development and Verification of Models of Freezing Tolerance for Douglas-fir Populations in the Inland Northwest

INT-RP-368: Ecological changes on campsites in the Eagle Cap Wilderness, 1979 to 1984

INT-RP-367: Mountain Pine Beetle in Ponderosa Pine: Effects of Phloem Thickness and Egg Gallery Density

INT-RP-366: Large Scalps Improve Survival and Growth of Planted Conifers in Central Idaho

INT-RP-365: Predicting Site Index and Height for Selected Tree Species of Northern Idaho

INT-RP-364: Site treatments influence development of a young mixed-species western larch stand

INT-RP-363: Pinyon Seedling Distribution Among Soil Surface Microsites

INT-RP-362: Aspen Community Types of Utah

INT-RP-361: Four Analytical Approaches for Integrating Land Management and Transportation Planning on Forest Land

INT-RP-360: Soil Physical Properties of Raised Planting Beds in a Northern Idaho Forest

INT-RP-359: Modeling moisture content of fine dead wildland fuels: Input to the BEHAVE fire prediction system

INT-RP-358: Measurement of Field Resistance, Rust Hazard, and Deployment of Blister Rust-Resistant Western White Pine

INT-RP-357: Visitor Attitudes Toward Wilderness Fire Management Policy - 1971-84

INT-RP-356: Ecological Genetics of Pinus Contorta in the Upper Snake River Basin of Eastern Idaho and Wyoming

INT-RP-355: Breeding Bird Responses to Diameter-Cut Logging in West-Central Idaho

INT-RP-354: Ecological Genetics of Pinus contorta in the Lower Snake River Basin of Central Idaho

INT-RP-353: Delphi Method: Application to Elk Habitat Quality

INT-RP-352: Combustion Recovery: A Measurement of Fire Retardant Extinguishment Capability

INT-RP-351: Costs of Managing Nontimber Resources When Harvesting Timber in the Northern Rockies

INT-RP-350: Recreational Trampling Effects on Six Habitat Types in Western Montana

INT-RP-349: Release of a Thinned Budworm-Infested Douglas-Fir/Ponderosa Pine Stand

INT-RP-348: Attaining Visual Quality Objectives in Timber Harvest Areas - Landscape Architects Evaluation

INT-RP-347: Applying Height Growth and Site Index Curves for Inland Douglas-fir

INT-RP-346: Ten-Year Results of Fertilizing Grand Fir, Western Hemlock, Western Larch, and Douglas-fir with Nitrogen in Northern Idaho

INT-RP-345: Visitor Characteristics, Attitudes, and Use Patterns in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, 1970-82

INT-RP-344: Woodland Tree Volume Estimation: A Visual Segmentation Technique

INT-RP-343: Natural Regeneration in Intermountain Spruce-Fir Forests A Gradual Process

INT-RP-342: Soil Water and Temperature in Harvested and Nonharvested Pinyon-Juniper Stands

INT-RP-341: Effects of Bifenox, DCPA, and Napropamide on Ectomycorrhizal Development of Conifer Seedlings in Central and Northern Rocky Mountain Nurseries

INT-RP-340: Survey of aspen stands treated with herbicides in the Western United States

INT-RP-339: Pinyon-Juniper Volume Equations for the Central Rocky Mountain States

INT-RP-338: Nutrient Release from Mount St. Helens Volcanic Ash and Retention

INT-RP-337: Predicting duff and woody fuel consumed by prescribed fire in the Northern Rocky Mountains

INT-RP-336: Improving Voluntary Registration Through Location and Design of Trail Registration Stations

INT-RP-335: Reclamation on Utah's Emery and Alton Coal Fields: Techniques and Plant Materials

INT-RP-334: Response of Grass Species to Tree Harvesting in Singleleaf Pinyon-Utah Juniper Stands

INT-RP-333: Effect of Small Aspen Clearcuts on Water Yield and Water Quality

INT-RP-332: Volume and biomass for curlleaf cercocarpus in Nevada

INT-RP-331: Native Shrubs: Suitability for Revegetating Road Cuts in Northwestern Montana

INT-RP-330: Sleeping Child Burn - 21 Years of Postfire Change

INT-RP-329: Corrosivity of Short-Term Forest Fire Retardants

INT-RP-328: Crop-Tree Thinning a 50-Year Old Western Larch Stand: 25-Year Results

INT-RP-327: Tree Diameter Measurements At English and Metric Standard Heights: A Comparison

INT-RP-326: Provisions for Protecting and Enhancing Nontimber Resources in Northern Region Timber Sales

INT-RP-325: Field Tests of Elk/Timber Coordination Guidelines

INT-RP-324: Development of Structured Regression Hypotheses/Interactive Descriptive Geomety through Five Dimensions

INT-RP-323: Understory Vegetation Inventory: An Efficient Procedure

INT-RP-322: Measuring Species Diversity on Revegetated Surface Mines: An Evaluation of Techniques

INT-RP-321: Revegetating Processed Oil Shale in the Upper Mountainbrush Zone of Colorado

INT-RP-320: Evaluating Nonindustrial Private Landowners for Forestry Assistance Programs: A logistic Regression Approach

INT-RP-319: Early Postfire Revegetation in a Western Montana Douglas-fir Forest

INT-RP-318: Estimating the Rate and Amount of Tree Loss from Mountain Pine Beetle Infestations

INT-RP-317: Costs for Developed Recreation Sites in the Northern Region, USDA Forest Service

INT-RP-316: Variation in Production and Seasonal Development of Mountain Grasslands in Western Montana

INT-RP-315: LLAFFS - A Lightning-Locating and Fire-Forecasting System

INT-RP-314: Winter Injury of Sagebrush and Other Wildland Shrubs in the Western United States

INT-RP-313: Monoammonium Phosphate: Effect on Flammability of Excelsior and Pine Needles

INT-RP-312: Campsite conditions in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana

INT-RP-311: Salvage and Thinning Operations in Second-Growth Ponderosa Pine Stands

INT-RP-310: Fireline Production: A Conceptual Model

INT-RP-309: Potential Spotting Distance from Wind-Driven Surface Fires

INT-RP-308: Effect of Western Spruce Budworm on Douglas-fir Cone Production in Western Montana

INT-RP-307: Evaluating slope stability prior to road construction

INT-RP-306: Production and Product Recovery for Complete Tree Utilization in the Northern Rockies

INT-RP-305: Predicting Wind-Driven Wild Land Fire Size and Shape

INT-RP-304: Problems and Practices in Wilderness Management: A Survey of Managers

INT-RP-303: Assessing and Monitoring Backcountry Trail Conditions

INT-RP-302: Monitoring the Condition of Wilderness Campsites

INT-RP-301: Variation in Estimates of Fire Intervals: A Closer Look at Fire History on the Bitterroot National Forest

INT-RP-300: Lifting, Storage, Planting Practices Influence Growth of Conifer Seedlings in the Northern Rockies

INT-RP-299: Measurements of Airtanker Drop Conditions During Firefighting Operations

INT-RP-298: Histological Differentiation Among Abiotic Causes of Conifer Needle Necrosis

INT-RP-297: Tree Dynamics in Seral and Stable Aspen Stands of Central Utah

INT-RP-296: Influence of Tree and Site Factors on Western Redcedar's Response to Release: A Modeling Analysis

INT-RP-295: Ecological adaptations in Douglas-fir populations. II. Western Montana

INT-RP-294: Aspen Community Types on the Caribou and Targhee National Forests in Southeastern Idaho

INT-RP-293: A calibration model for screen-caged Peltier thermocouple psychrometers

INT-RP-292: Models for Describing Vertical Crown Development of Lodgepole Pine Stands

INT-RP-291: Indexing Western Spruce Budworm Activity Through Radial Increment Analysis

INT-RP-290: Fuel and fire behavior prediction in big sagebrush

INT-RP-289: Reexamination of Fire Spread in Free-Burning Porous Fuel Beds

INT-RP-288: Vegetation of Two Drainages in Eagle Cap Wilderness, Wallowa Mountains, Oregon

INT-RP-287: Changes in Sodium Adsorption Ratios Following Revegetation of Coal Mine Spoils in Southeastern Montana

INT-RP-286: Evaluation of Dimension Lumber Made from Dead-Tree Logs

INT-RP-285: Understory Tree Release Following Harvest Cutting in Spruce-Fir Forests of the Intermountain West

INT-RP-284: Wilderness campsite impacts: effect of amount of use

INT-RP-283: Crown Width and Foliage Weight of Northern Rocky Mountain Conifers

INT-RP-282: Rate of woody residue incorporation into Northern Rocky Mountain forest soils

INT-RP-281: Monoterpenes of Lodgepole Pine Phloem as Related to Mountain Pine Beetles

INT-RP-280: --- Not Issued ---

INT-RP-279: Mathematical Hypothesis for Herbage Production Potential on Pinyon-Juniper Areas

INT-RP-278: Correlating Laboratory Air Drop Data with Retardant Rheological Properties

INT-RP-277: Redistributing Wilderness Use Through Information Supplied to Visitors

INT-RP-276: Why Windspeeds Increase on High Mountain Slopes at Night

INT-RP-275: Effects of Prescribed Fire on Soil Nitrogen Levels in a Cutover Douglas-fir/Western Larch Forest

INT-RP-274: Precipitation Characteristics of Summer Storms at Straight Canyon Barometer Watershed, Utah

INT-RP-273: Biomass of singleleaf pinyon and Utah juniper

INT-RP-272: Aspen Community Types on the Bridger-Teton National Forest in Western Wyoming

INT-RP-271: Forest Vegetation Removal and Slope Stability in the Idaho Batholith

INT-RP-270: Self-Issued Wilderness Permits as a Use Measurement System

INT-RP-269: Large-Scale Color Aerial Photography as a Tool in Sampling for Mortality Rates

INT-RP-268: Tree damage from skyline logging in a western larch/Douglas-fir stand

INT-RP-267: Development and Evaluation of an Even- and Uneven-Aged Ponderosa Pine/Arizona Fescue Stand Simulator

INT-RP-266: Acid Mined Waste Revegetation: Influence on Soil-Water Quality

INT-RP-265: Test of Methods for Amending and Seeding Spoils at the Blackbird Mine

INT-RP-264: Variation Among Healthy and Deteriorating Aspen Clones

INT-RP-263: Genetic Gains from Tree Improvement of Ponderosa Pine in Southern Idaho

INT-RP-262: Visual Impacts of Forest Management Activities: Findings on Public Preferences

INT-RP-261: Pilot Planting Trial on a Southwestern Idaho Deer Winter Range

INT-RP-260: Logging residues in principal forest types of the Northern Rocky Mountains

INT-RP-259: Phenology of Common Forest Flora of the Northern Rockies - 1928 to 1937

INT-RP-258: Computer simulation of white pine blister rust epidemics. I. Model formulation

INT-RP-257: Estimating Upslope Convective Windspeeds for Predicting Wildland Fire Behavior

INT-RP-256: Influence of Temperature and Spore Stage on Production of Teliospores by Single Aeciospore Lines of Cronartium ribicola

INT-RP-255: Case Study: Growth and Development of Forest Stands in the Northern Rocky Mountains

INT-RP-254: White Pine Vigor - A New Look

INT-RP-253: Use patterns and visitor characteristics, attitudes, and preferences in nine wilderness and other roadless areas

INT-RP-252: Fire's Influence on Wildlife Habitat on the Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming, Volume II - Changes and Causes, Management Implications

INT-RP-251: Vegetation Development on Disturbed Grand Fir Sites, Swan Valley, Northwestern Montana

INT-RP-250: Interactions of Pectins and Tissues of Cronartium Ribicola and Pinus monticola in Culture

INT-RP-249: Black-White Ethnic Differences in Outdoor Recreation

INT-RP-248: New Freezing Technique for Sampling Salmonid Redds

INT-RP-247: Skyline logging productivity under alternative harvesting prescriptions and levels of utilization in larch-fir stands

INT-RP-246: Infiltration and Erosion Analysis of Phosphate Strip Mine Overburden

INT-RP-245: Improving Rust-Resistant Strains of Inland Western White Pine

INT-RP-244: Forecasting Lightning Activity Level and Associated Weather

INT-RP-243: Thermochemical properties of flame gases from fine wildland fuels

INT-RP-242: Comparison of Carrying Capacity Perceptions Among Visitors to Two Wildernesses

INT-RP-241: Preservation of Dead Lodgepole Pine Posts and Poles

INT-RP-240: e-K, A Function for the Modeler

INT-RP-239: Statistical Analysis of Balloon Logging Time and Motion Data

INT-RP-238: Growth Characteristics on Pinyon-Juniper Stands in the Western Great Basin

INT-RP-237: Soil and Bedrock Properties: Weathering and Alteration Products and Processes in the Idaho Batholith

INT-RP-236: Influence of logging and weather on elk distribution in western Montana

INT-RP-235: Fire's Influence on Wildlife Habitat on the Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming, Volume I - Photographic Record and Analysis

INT-RP-234: Quaking Aspen - Seed Germination and Early Seedling Growth

INT-RP-233: Variation in Cold Hardiness Among Populations of Pseudotsuga Menziesii var. Glauca

INT-RP-232: Fire Behavior in Nonuniform Fuels

INT-RP-231: Nutrient losses from timber harvesting in a larch/ Douglas-fir forest

INT-RP-230: Influence of Some Environmental Factors on Initial Establishment and Growth of Ponderosa Pine Seedlings

INT-RP-229: Pinyon-Juniper Woodlands of the Great Basin: Distribution, Flora, Vegetal Cover

INT-RP-228: Gross Cubic-Volume Equations and Tables, Outside Bark, for Pinyon and Juniper Trees in Northern New Mexico

INT-RP-227: Pinyon Growth Characteristics in the Sweetwater Mountains

INT-RP-226: Estimating Live Fuel Moisture for the 1978 National Fire Danger Rating System

INT-RP-225: Salvaging Logging Residues in Mixed-Conifer Stands of North Idaho

INT-RP-224: Effects of Timber Cutting and Revegetation on Snow Accumulation and Melt in Northern Idaho

INT-RP-223: Local Climatic and Hydrologic Consequences of Creating Openings in Climax Timber of North Idaho

INT-RP-222: Variation in Early Growth of Western White Pine in North Idaho

INT-RP-221: Estimating Windspeeds for Predicting Wildland Fire Behavior

INT-RP-220: Characteristics and Hybridization of Important Intermountain Shrubs III. Sunflower Family

INT-RP-219: Predicting success of prescribed fires in pinyon-juniper woodlands in Nevada

INT-RP-218: Forest regions of Montana

INT-RP-217: Model for Predicting Lightning-Fire Ignition in Wildland Fuels

INT-RP-216: Search for Phytotoxins Influencing Germination and Early Growth of Ponderosa Pine

INT-RP-215: Grazing on National Forest System Lands: Cost of Increasing Capacity in the Northern Region

INT-RP-214: Fuel Burning Rates of Downward Versus Horizontally Spreading Fires

INT-RP-213: Hydrologic Model of Aspen-Conifer Succession in the Western United States

INT-RP-212: Moisture Content of Lumber Produced from Dead Western White Pine and Lodgepole Pine Trees

INT-RP-211: Effects of Burning Moist Fuels on Seedbed Preparation in Cutover Western Larch Forests Larch Forests

INT-RP-210: Comprehensive Tree Volume Equations for Major Species of New Mexico and Arizona: II. Tables for Unforked Trees

INT-RP-209: Comprehensive Tree Volume Equations for Major Species of New Mexico and Arizona: I. Results and Methodology

INT-RP-208: Balloon Logging in the Idaho Batholith: A Feasibility Study

INT-RP-207: Mathematical Analysis of Forest Fire Suppression

INT-RP-206: Predicting Slash Depth for Fire Modeling

INT-RP-205: Rearing of Chinook Salmon in Tributaries of the South Fork Salmon River, Idaho

INT-RP-204: Road Design Guidelines for the Idaho Batholith Based on the China Glenn Road Study

INT-RP-203: Cost, performance, and esthetic impacts of an experimental forest road in Montana

INT-RP-202: Timelag and Equilibrium Moisture Content of Ponderosa Pine Needles

INT-RP-201: Low-Cost Harvesting Systems for Intensive Utilization in Small-Stem Lodgepole Pine Stands

INT-RP-200: Converting Forest Residue to Structural Flakeboard - The Fingerling Concept

INT-RP-199: Growth and Nutritional Value to Cattle of Grasses on Cheatgrass Range in Southern Idaho

INT-RP-198: Sirococcus Shoot Blight Damage to Western Hemlock Regeneration at Thomas Bay, Alaska

INT-RP-197: Weight and density of crowns of Rocky Mountain conifers

INT-RP-196: Estimating Merchantable Volume and Stem Residue in Four Timber Species: Ponderose Pine, Lodgepole Pine, Western Larch, Douglas-fir

INT-RP-195: Grindstone Flat and Big Flat enclosures - 41-year record of changes in clearcut aspen communities

INT-RP-194: Wood Product Potential in Mature Lodgepole Pine Stands, Bitterroot National Forest

INT-RP-193: Chipping and Pulping Dead Trees of Four Rocky Mountain Timber Species

INT-RP-192: Rationing Wilderness Use: Methods, Problems, and Guidelines

INT-RP-191: Potential water yield response following clearcut harvesting on north and south slopes in northern Idaho

INT-RP-190: Declining Root Strength in Douglas-Fir After Felling as a Factor in Slope Stability

INT-RP-189: Maturation of Western Larch Cones and Seeds

INT-RP-188: Response of Blue Huckleberry to Prescribed Fires in a Western Montana Larch-Fir Forest

INT-RP-187: The Historical Role of Fire on the Bitterroot National Forest

INT-RP-186: Bias and Precision of the Barr and Stroud Dendrometer Under Field Conditions

INT-RP-185: Modeling the Probability of Individual Tree Mortality

INT-RP-184: Vegetal Development on the Sleeping Child Burn in Western Montana, 1961 to 1973

INT-RP-183: Assessing the Timber Resource Situation on a Working Circle Using Inventory Data

INT-RP-182: Matchacurve - 4: Segmented Mathematical Descriptors for Asymmetric Curve Forms

INT-GTR-181: Logging residues under different stand and harvesting conditions, Rocky Mountains

INT-RP-180: Wilderness Fire Policy: An Investigation of Visitor Knowledge and Beliefs

INT-RP-179: Debarking Chipped Logging Residues: Technique and Potential Impact

INT-RP-178: Revegetation of Acid Mining Wastes in Central Idaho

INT-RP-177: Characteristics and Hybridization of Important Intermountain Shrubs. II. Chenopid Family

INT-RP-176: Stand Structure and Successional Status of Two Spruce-Fir Forests in Southern Utah

INT-RP-175: Broadcast Burning in Larch-Fir Clearcuts: The Miller Creek-Newman Ridge Study

INT-RP-174: Survey of Factors Affecting Regeneration of Rocky Mountain Douglas-Fir

INT-RP-173: Gain and loss of moisture in large forest fuels

INT-RP-172: Profile of Forestry Employment in Montana

INT-RP-171: Economic Importance of Tourism in Montana

INT-RP-170: Deterioration of Aspen Clones in the Middle Rocky Mountains

INT-RP-169: Characteristics and Hybridization of Important Intermountain Shrubs. I. Rose Family

INT-RP-168: Clearcutting and burning slash alter quality of stream water in northern Idaho

INT-RP-167: Seedbed Characteristics in Western Larch Forests After Prescribed Burning

INT-RP-166: Predicting Effects on Fish of Fire Retardants in Streams

INT-RP-165: Fire Retardant Ground Distribution Patterns from the CL-215 Air Tanker

INT-RP-164: Prediction of height increment for models of forest growth

INT-RP-163: Soil Characteristics Influencing Lodgepole Pine Regeneration Near West Yellowstone, Montana

INT-RP-162: Revegetation Research on the Decker Coal Mine in Southeastern Montana

INT-RP-161: Deep-Rooted Plants for Erosion Control on Granitic Road Fills in the Idaho Batholoty

INT-RP-160: Lodgepole Pine Logging Residues: Management Alternatives

INT-RP-159: Lightning Modification: A Summary of Forest Service Field Experimentation

INT-RP-158: Site Productivity Classification for Selected Species on Winter Big Game Ranges of Utah

INT-RP-157: Smoke Column Height Related to Fire Intensity

INT-RP-156: Erosion over time on severely disturbed granitic soils: a model

INT-RP-155: Helicopter Logging: A Model for Locating Landings

INT-RP-154: Ecology of Dwarf Mistletoe Seed

INT-RP-153: Forest Fire Retardant: Transmission Through a Tree Crown

INT-RP-152: Event Probabilities Estimated by Regression

INT-RP-151: Comparison of Radiographic and Bark-Removal Methods of Sampling o Mountain Pine Beetle Populations

INT-RP-150: Failure Surfaces in Infinite Slopes

INT-RP-149: Failure Conditions in Infinite Slopes and the Resulting Soil Pressures

INT-RP-148: Estimation of Phloem Thickness in Lodgepole Pine

INT-RP-147: Logging Equipment, Methods, and Cost for Near Complete Harvesting of Lodgepole Pine in Wyoming

INT-RP-146: Matchacurve-3: Multiple-Component and Multidimensional Mathematical Models for Natural Resource Studies

INT-RP-145: Regeneration of Ponderosa Pine in the Northern Rocky Mountain - Intermountain Region

INT-RP-144: Possibilities for Improvement of Western White Pine by Inbreeding

INT-RP-143: Water Retention of Granitic Soils in the Idaho Batholith

INT-RP-142: Visitor perception of wilderness recreation carrying capacity

INT-RP-141: Chromatographic Characteristics and Phylogenetic Relationships of Artemisia, Section Tridentatae

INT-RP-140: Effective Heating of Fuel Ahead of Spreading Fire

INT-RP-139: Survival Comparisons of Three Fall and Spring Plantings of Four Coniferous Species in Northern Idaho

INT-RP-138: Western Spruce Budworm Egg Mass Dimensions - An Influence on Population Estimates

INT-RP-137: Prognosis Model for Stand Development

INT-RP-136: Weevils Attracted to Thinned Lodgepole Pine Stands in Montana

INT-RP-135: Logging Residues on Harvesting Operations, Western South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado

INT-RP-134: An Evaluation of the Drop Characteristics and Ground Distribution Patterns of Forest Fire Retardants

INT-RP-133: Optimum Economic Layout of Forest Harvesting Work Roads

INT-RP-132: Growth of Released and Unreleased Young Stands in the Western White Pine Type

INT-RP-131: Estimating Future Diameters of Lodgepole Pine Trees

INT-RP-130: Distribution of Organic Matter Reserve in a Desert Shrub Community

INT-RP-129: Mortality of aspen on the Gros Ventre elk winter range

INT-RP-128: Forest - Goals and Decisionmaking in the Forest Service

INT-RP-127: Description and Hydrologic Analysis of Two Small Watersheds in Utah's Wasatch Mountains

INT-RP-126: An Inventory Design Using Stand Examinations for Planning and Programing Timber Management

INT-RP-125: Bitterbrush Topping: Shrub Response and Cost Factors

INT-RP-124: Plant Development and Yield on Mountain Grasslands in Southwestern Montana

INT-RP-123: Effect of Logging Roads on Sediment Production Rates in the Idaho Batholith

INT-RP-122: Hydrograph Analysis: A Computerized Separation Technique

INT-RP-121: Effects of Ammonium Sulfate and Ammonium Phosphate on Flammability

INT-RP-120: Effects of Air Gaps and Saturated Voids on Accuracy of Neutron Moisture Measurements

INT-RP-119: Bark Beetle Risk in Mature Ponderosa Pine Forests in Western Montana

INT-RP-118: Great Basin Station - Sixty Years of Progress in Range and Watershed Research

INT-RP-117: Effect of Two Flame Retardants on Particulate and Residue Production

INT-RP-116: Field Test of a Rate-of-Fire-Spread Model in Slash Fuels

INT-RP-115: A mathematical model for predicting fire spread in wildland fuels

INT-RP-114: The release of water from forest snowpacks during winter

INT-RP-113: Maximum Peak Flows for Selected Return Periods for Watersheds West of the Continental Divide in Kdaho and Montana

INT-RP-112: Ponderosa Pine Seed - For Animals or Trees?

INT-RP-111: Infiltration and Water Repellency in Granitic Soils

INT-RP-110: Precipitation characteristics of summer storms at high-elevation stations in Utah

INT-RP-109: Wilderness Use Estimation: A Pilot Test of Sampling Procedures on the Mission Mountains Primitive Area

INT-RP-108: Stratification of Forest Land for Timber Management Planning on the Western National Forests

INT-RP-107: Pyrolysis Products and Thermal Characteristics of Cottonwood and Its Components

INT-RP-106: Matchacurve - 2 for Algebraic Transforms to Describe Curves of the Class Xn

INT-RP-105: Vegetal Development Following Prescribed Burning of Douglas-Fir in South-Central Idaho

INT-RP-104: Ponderosa Pine Planting Techniques, Survival, and Height Growth in the Idaho Batholith

INT-RP-103: An Analysis of Retardant Use

INT-RP-102: Seasonal Trends in Moisture Content, Ether Extractives, and Energy of Ponderosa Pine and Douglas-fir Needles

INT-RP-101: Paper Chromatography for Determining Palatability Differences in Various Strains of Big Sagebrush

INT-RP-100: Soil Erosion by Overland Flow and Raindrop Splash on Three Mountain Soils

INT-RP-99: Weather Variations on a Mountain Grassland in Southwestern Montana

INT-RP-98: Grazing Potential on Lodgepole Pine Clearcuts in Montana

INT-RP-97: Investigation of Slope Failures in the Idaho Batholith

INT-RP-96: Comparative Attraction of Douglas-Fir Beetles to Frontalin and Tree Volatiles

INT-RP-95: Contour Trenching Effects on Streamflow from a Utah Watershed

INT-RP-94: Soil Stability on High-Elevation Rangeland in the Intermountain Area

INT-RP-93: Airborne Infrared Forest Fire Detection System: Final Report

INT-RP-92: Some Economic Considerations of Watershed Stabilization on National Forests

INT-RP-91: Effects of Soil Fumigation on Production of Conifer Nursery Stock at Two Northern Rocky Mountain Nurseries

INT-RP-90: Effects of Ammonium Phosphate and Sulfate on the Pyrolysis and Combustion of Cellulose

INT-RP-89: Wood for Millwork

INT-RP-88: Sampling with Probability Proportional to Size from a Sorted List

INT-RP-87: Improvement and Maintenance of Campground Vegetation in Central Idaho

INT-RP-86: Natural Regeneration in Ponderosa Pine Forests of Western Montana

INT-RP-85: Sheet Erosion on Intermountain Summer Ranges

INT-RP-84: Christmas Tree Culture in Natural Stands of Douglas-Fir in Montana

INT-RP-83: Estimating Seed Stored in Serotinous Cones of Lodgepole Pine

INT-RP-82: Preparative Techniques and Tissue-Selection Criteria for IN VITRO Culture of Healthy and Rust-Infected Conifer Tissues

INT-RP-81: Vertical Distribution of Fuel in Spruce-Fire Logging Slash

INT-RP-80: Measurement of Water Potential With Thermocouple Psychrometers: Construction and Applications

INT-RP-79: Cone and Seed Yields in Young Western White Pines

INT-RP-78: Logging Residues on Saw Log Operations, Arizona and New Mexico

INT-RP-77: Logging Residues on Saw Log Operations, Idaho and Montana

INT-RP-76: Timelag and Equilibrium Moisture Content of Reindeer Lichen

INT-RP-75: Equations and Computer Subroutines for Estimating Site Quality of Eight Rocky Mountain Species

INT-RP-74: Physical Fuel Properties of Ponderosa Pine Forest Floors and Cheatgrass

INT-RP-73: Influence of Competition on the Response of Idaho Fescue to Clipping

INT-RP-72: Commercial Thinning to Produce Ponderosa Pine Sawlogs in the Inland Empire

INT-RP-71: The Mountain Pine Beetle in Lodgepole Pine Forests

INT-RP-70: Estimation of Visitor Use From Self-Registration at Developed Recreation Sites

INT-RP-69: Heat transfer and fire spread

INT-RP-68: Larch Casebearer and Other Factors Involved with Deterioration of Western Larch Stands in Northern Idaho

INT-RP-67: Soil Moisture Depletion and Estimated Evapotranspiration of Utah Mountain Watersheds

INT-RP-66: Economics of Producing and Handling Packaged Lumber

INT-RP-65: Effects of Roads on Growth of Western White Pine Plantations in Northern Idaho

INT-RP-64: Site Preparation Aids Natural Regeneration in Western Larch-Engelmann Spruce Strip Clearcuttings

INT-RP-63: Some Case Histories of Natural Regeneration in the Western White Pine Type

INT-RP-62: Exclosures and Natural Areas on Rangelands in Utah

INT-RP-61: Seasonal Changes in Heat Content and Ether Extractive Content of Chamise

INT-RP-60: Technique for Comparing the Costs of Skidding Methods

INT-RP-59: Selecting Crawler Skidders by Comparing Relative Operating Costs

INT-RP-58: Effects of thinning and fertilizing on production of western white pine seed

INT-RP-57: Factors That Affect Use of Wood Siding Materials in Single-Family Homes

INT-RP-56: Sundance Fire: an analysis of fire phenomena

INT-RP-55: Factors That Affect the Single-Family Home Market for Wood Windows

INT-RP-54: Flammability of Herbicide-Treated Guava Foliage

INT-RP-53: Effects of Seedbed Treatment on Grass Establishment on Logging Roadbeds in Central Idaho

INT-RP-52: Cone Serotiny of Lodgepole Pine Near Island Park, Idaho

INT-RP-51: NETVSL - A Computer Program for Calculation of Tree Volumes with Interior Defect

INT-RP-50: Cronartium Comandrae in the Rocky Mountain States

INT-RP-49: Project Fire Scan Fire Mapping Final Report

INT-RP-48: High-Temperature Drying of Lumber - a Review

INT-RP-47: Method for Constructing Site Index Curves from Measurements of Tree Age and Height - Its Applications to Inland Douglas-fir

INT-RP-46: Ranking Treatment Opportunities in Existing Timber Stands on White Pine Land in the Northern Region

INT-RP-45: Comparative wood anatomy of some shrubs native to the Northern Rocky Mountains

INT-RP-44: An Annotated Bibliography of Bitterbrush (Purshia Tridentata (Pursh) DC.)

INT-RP-43: Evaluating Species Alternatives for National Forest Land Capable of Growing Western White Pine

INT-RP-42: Cost Control in Timber Growing on the National Forest of the Northern Region

INT-RP-41: Technique for Sampling General Fish Habitat Characteristics of Streams

INT-RP-40: Ponderosa Pine Bibliography Through 1965

INT-RP-39: Seed Dispersal in a Bumper Spruce Seed Year

INT-RP-38: Spiral Grain - a Cause of Pole Twisting

INT-RP-37: Aerial Photo Techniques for a Recreation Inventory of Mountain Lakes and Streams

INT-RP-36: Comandra, Grazing, and Comandra Blister Rust

INT-RP-35: Effect of Spiral Grain on Pole Twist and Bending Strength

INT-RP-34: Skiing Trends and Opportunities in the Western States

INT-RP-33: Seed Collection and Storage for Arceuthobium Spp.

INT-RP-32: Checklist of the Vascular Plants of the Intermountain Region

INT-RP-31: Limb Rust Damage to Pine

INT-RP-30: Fire spread characteristics determined in the laboratory

INT-RP-29: Initial Vegetal Development Following Prescribed Burning of Douglas-Fir in South-Central Idaho

INT-RP-28: Mechanisms of fire spread research, Progress Report No. 2

INT-RP-27: Bibliography of High-Temperature Kiln Drying of Lumber

INT-RP-26: Prescribed Fire Planning in the Intermountain West

INT-RP-25: Project Fire Scan Fire Detection Interim Report

INT-RP-24: Problems of Habitat Management for Deer and Elk in the Northern Forests

INT-RP-23: Timber Management Issues on Utah's North Slope

INT-RP-22: Relations Between Western White Pine Site Index and Tree Height of Several Associated Species

INT-RP-21: Area-Oriented Multiple Use Analysis

INT-RP-20: A Technique for Sampling Populations of the Mountain Pine Beetle

INT-RP-19: Bibliography of Engelmann Spruce

INT-RP-18: Influence of Moisture on Effectiveness of Fire Retardants

INT-RP-17: Results of Regeneration Cutting in a Spruce-Subalpine Fir Stand

INT-RP-16: Thinning Western Larch

INT-RP-15: Timber Products Output in Arizona and New Mexico, 1962

INT-RP-14: Timber Products Output in Colorado, Wyoming, and Western South Dakota, 1962

INT-RP-13: Output of Timber Products in Idaho, 1962

INT-RP-12: Forest Products Output in Utah and Nevada, 1962

INT-RP-11: Output of Timber Products in Montana, 1962

INT-RP-10: Seeding Southern Idaho Rangelands

INT-RP-9: Roots of a Ponderosa Pine

INT-RP-8: Mechanisms of Fire Spread Research Progress Report No. 1

INT-RP-7: Effects of Broom Rusts on Spruce and Fir

INT-RP-6: Campgrounds for Many Tastes

INT-RP-5: Forest Fires in Alaska

INT-RP-4: Specific Gravity and Tree Weight of Single-Tree Samples of Grand Fir

INT-RP-3: Test of Aerial Photo Classifications in Forest Management-Volume Inventories

INT-RP-2: Flower Induction and Stimulation in Western White Pine

INT-RP-1: Soil Erosion Control Structures on Skidtrails

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